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To provide building security for persons and property through the control of keys issued, to assure appropriate access to work areas by faculty and staff in buildings on the University of North Florida campus, and to allow unrestricted access by University Police and authorized University personnel to all campus areas for reasons of security, safety, health and maintenance.


Florida Statutes 1001.74 and 1001.75 establish the powers and duties of the University Boards of Trustees and presidents, respectively. FS 1001.74 (6) requires University Presidents to act as custodians of all University property. FS 1001.75 (6) assigns responsibility for the use, maintenance, protection and control of University-owned property, buildings, grounds and equipment to each Board of Trustees.


At UNF, Physical Facilities is responsible for the management of the University keying systems, exclusive of Housing. That responsibility includes controlling the production, storage, and issuance of keys; the replacement or re-keying of lock cylinders; the acquisition of new keying systems; the maintenance of accurate records; and the cataloging of and adherence to key issuance authorizations.


This policy does not apply to University Housing.


The Lock Shop is the Physical Facilities office responsible for administering the key policy.

All keying used in University facilities must be compatible with current keying systems. Requests for exceptions to the current system must be submitted with written justification, to the Director of Physical Facilities. This includes all UNF properties used by contractors.


Individual employees are responsible for the keys issued to their possession and for the security of the spaces these keys control. Spaces must be locked by the users, as appropriate, to maintain security and prevent loss.


    Great Grand Master Key: Provides total access to all buildings within a particular lock system on campus. Authorization for this key is granted by the University President.

    Building Grand Master Key: Provides access to all spaces within an individual building. The issuance of this key is restricted to persons authorized by the Director of Physical Facilities and the Vice President(s) who have ownership of the space(s).


    Building Sub-Master Key: Provides access to a group of rooms within a department or building. Authorization for this key will be determined by the Vice President, Dean, Director or Department Chair who has ownership of the space.


    Change-Key: Provides access to a single room/office/door/etc. within an individual building. Authorization is granted by the Vice President, Dean, Director or Department Chair who has ownership of the space.


    Elevator and Roof Keys: Provide access to restricted floors/areas of a particular building. Authorization is granted by the Vice President, Dean(s), Director(s) or Department Chair(s) that have ownership of the space(s), and the Director of Physical Facilities and EH&S.



    University Police must have unrestricted access to all campus areas for safety, security and health reasons, through the establishment and maintenance of a master keying system.


    All full time faculty and staff of the University of North Florida will be assured access to their workspace. Keys will be issued directly to the employee requesting the key(s). As key holders, individuals assume responsibility for the safekeeping and return of University keys. Key holders are responsible for the security of the spaces their keys control. Spaces must be locked by the users, as appropriate, to maintain security and prevent loss.


    Only Intellikeys and not hard keys will be issued to part time faculty, OPS employees, and students. These must be approved by the Vice President, Dean, Director, or Department Chair. Ultimately, the Vice President, Dean, Director, or Chair authorizing keys within a department assumes responsibility for the key.

    The Lock Shop handles key issuance and key return along with the related key paperwork and record keeping.



    There is no charge for the original key(s) issued to an employee.


    Broken or worn keys will be replaced without charge. Original key parts must be returned to the Lock Shop.


    Replacement of stolen keys or failure to return assigned keys will result in charges to the Department of the employee who was issued the key.


    Lock changes required to maintain building security are chargeable work orders. The requesting Department's Banner Index number must accompany the request.



    The Key Holder will be required to sign for the key(s) and present a valid picture ID. A University ID is preferred, but any valid government picture ID is acceptable.



    Keys are to be returned to the Lock Shop by the department when an employee terminates campus employment, transfers to another department or changes room assignments within 5 days. Likewise, keys issued to non-employee students are to be returned to the Lock Shop by the department when a student no longer requires access to the space.

    Re-keying of a building or a group of rooms will result in employees being required to submit a Key Request Form for each key. The old key(s) must be returned prior to issuance of new key(s).



    University keys may be signed out on a temporary basis to contractors working on campus projects. The UNF Project Manager will determine the need and number of keys to be issued, complete the request and pick up the key(s). Keys must be returned before final payment is made to the contractor. Contractors are responsible for the cost of any re-keying that must be done due to lost or stolen keys.



    No person may duplicate a University key or be in unauthorized possession of a University key. Keys in the possession of an unauthorized person will be confiscated. Only Lock Shop personnel are authorized to replace, repair or modify a University lock or security device. Physical Facilities is the only department authorized to make and issue keys.



    For reasons of safety and security, University Police must maintain access to all University areas. It is essential that all areas remain on the Master Key system.