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To provide a convenient means for identifying individuals who are entitled to access and utilize the facilities, activities, and services of the University of North Florida Students, faculty and staff members are required to carry a University Identification Card while on University property.


"University Identification Card (ID) refers to a photo identification card in a specific design as determined by the University.


"University of North Florida Service System" includes a variety of means by which the University provides services to its students, faculty, staff, alumni and guests. The delivery of services may be provided manually or with an automated on- or off-line system. The University may direct, authorize or delete a specific University of North Florida Service System honoring the ID Card in the interest of efficient University operations.


"Validation" or "activation" refers to the process by which cardholders have satisfied the University's financial, employment, or registration obligations and are entitled to access an appropriate University of North Florida Service System.


The ID Card serves as an identification card and as a membership card entitling enrolled students and employees to a variety of services, events, and campus resources as well as specific facility access. Photos maintained for students are considered directory information under FERPA guidelines.


Students must be admitted prior to obtaining an ID Card. An annual fee, the amount of which is approved by the President, will be added to the student account for card services upon the first semester enrolled during an academic year. A fee, the amount of which is approved by the President, will be charged for the replacement of lost or stolen cards.


Faculty and Staff must be employed prior to obtaining an ID Card. The charge for employee cards is a one-time fee, the amount of which is approved by the President. A fee, the amount of which is approved by the President, will be charged for the replacement of lost or stolen cards. The employee's department is required to purchase the initial ID card on the employee's behalf. Onsite contractors assigned to permanent business operations (e.g. dining services, bookstore, UPS Store and College Optical) may be issued an ID card if deemed appropriate.


Cards are valid as long as the student is enrolled or as long as the employee is employed at UNF or as long as the contractor's employee is assigned to UNF.


  1. Issuance of Identification Cards

    By accepting and using the ID Card, an individual (a) agrees to abide by all regulations and policies pertaining to card use at the University and (b) acknowledges and agrees that the University will collect and use date, place, time and other information, which will be used to improve the educational experience at and the operation of the University. The ID Card belongs to the University for the use and benefit of the cardholder. If misuse occurs, the ID Card can be revoked and reclaimed by the University. All ID Card holders upon acceptance of the card agree to return the card if requested by the University.


    Students who have been issued an ID Card are to retain their card for subsequent registrations. Student employees will use their student ID Card for work activities requiring use of the card.


    ID Cards are issued to all full-time and part-time faculty and staff, including OPS employees, on-site contractors and to special guests that are approved by the President or by a Vice-President.


  2. Purpose and Limitations

    The ID Card provides a convenient means for identifying individuals who are entitled to utilize certain University of North Florida Service Systems based upon the cardholder's relationship to the University. When utilizing the University of North Florida Service System, individuals shall be required to present their ID Card as the approved means of showing authorization to use the service.

    Possession of an ID Card does not necessarily relieve the holder from paying any admission fees or service charges that may apply to a given facility, activity or service. The ID Card is nontransferable and only for the use of the individual whose name appears on the card.


    The ID Card may provide declining balance accounts, meal memberships and other features for which separate terms and conditions apply.


  3. Card Revocation

    Misuse of the ID Card, including presenting another person's card as one's own, falsification of information to obtain an ID Card, alteration of the picture or information printed or encoded on the card, and/or falsification of records that served as the basis for issuance of the ID Card, may result in revocation of the card and/or disciplinary action, up to and including criminal prosecution, as appropriate under the circumstances and based upon the relationship of the cardholder to the University.


    Specific Authority: Sections 1001.74(6), (10). (11), & (19), Florida Statues


    Formerly 9-3.004, 1.016