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Policies & Regulations
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    The University Central Pool of funds has been established through the overhead assessed against Non-E&G accounts and the sweep of selected Non-E&G reserves and fund balances. This policy provides a process for review of requests to utilize funds from this Central Pool. The procedures attached to this policy provide University administrators with written guidelines describing the process for requesting and approving the use of funds from the Central Pool.


    All budget units are eligible to submit a request for Central Pool funding. Non-E&G entities will be given preference but, with Presidential approval, Central Pool funds can be used for purposes unrelated to

    Non-E&G areas.


    This statement of procedures describes how departments should process requests for funding from the University of North Florida Central Pool. All requests from units for University of North Florida Central Pool funding must pass through a three-step review process. If related commitments are made or new or expanded services are initiated before final approval is secured under this procedure, the University will not be responsible for any commitments, obligations, or expenses incurred if the proposal for funding is disapproved. 

    Pre-approval should be obtained from the Vice President level prior to initiating this process. Please clearly indicate if the request is an emergency requiring expedited review: 


    1. Prepares proposal to include: 
    A statement of the funding purpose describing the goods and/or services it will provide. 

    An analysis of costs and benefits of the service and of what alternatives exist through other sources to provide similar services. This analysis should include a detailed cost basis rate calculation. This comparison should also evaluate the impact on service, quality, price, and convenience if the funding was not approved. 

    Auxiliary accounts will normally be expected to repay funds received from the Central Pool. Consequently, requestor should indicate ability to repay the amount received and indicate proposed repayment terms for the Loan. 

    With appropriate stringent justification, grants of funds to auxiliary accounts, which will not be repaid, may be made from the Central Pool. Grants will be made only when inability to repay is clearly deomstrated. 

    Both Loans and Grants from the Central Pool need the approval of the Auxiliary Oversight Committee and the President. 

    Documentation should be included indicating funding sources and/or the extent to which the University is being asked to subsidize the activity. Include required usage of University facilities and services.

    Indicate any net income generated by the activity. 

    Factors pertinent to the proposed or current activity that show how it affects the overall mission of the University. A statement describing the customers served, methods of customer solicitation, and planned pricing policies. 

    2. Forwards proposal package to Department Head, Director and Vice President. 

    Department Head, Director and Vice President 

    3. Department Head, Director and Vice President Approves or rejects proposal. 

    4. Forwards proposal to Budget/Assistant VP for review. 

    Budget/Assistant VP

    5. As appropriate, requests additional reviews. 

    6. Submits proposal to Auxiliary Oversight Committee. 

    Auxiliary Oversight Committee

    7. Approves or disapproves proposal. 

    8. Makes recommendation to President. 


    9. Approves or disapproves proposal. 

Central Pool Request Form

Formerly 9-8.002