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Policies & Regulations
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This regulation is currently under review as a result of the passage of Fla. Stat. s. 1004.097, the campus Free Expression Act. Any portions of the regulation which are in conflict with this new law are superseded by the statute and no longer in effect. Please check back here for updates as they become available. 


The purpose of this policy is to provide comprehensive, University-wide guidelines on the usage of signs and related materials for advertising.

It establishes parameters for using signs and other materials, including eligibility for posting, restrictions on location, duration, and content.

Each university division will be responsible for the signage policy of their respective departments. The following will be universal policy governing the whole of the campus community.

A. Eligibility for Posting
Only University departments, registered student organizations, and approved vendors may post signs on campus.

All on-campus events must be posted to the UNF online calendar of events: Postings for any event not listed on the calendar may be subject to removal.

Posted items must be consistent with institutional policies. In addition, contractual agreements held by the University may affect advertisement of certain services.

Organizations that violate signage policy may be restricted from posting signs on campus for at least one (1) month, and no more than one (1) calendar year.

B. Duration of Posting
Event signage must be removed within one business day of the conclusion of the event. General announcements may be posted for 2 weeks, then must be removed for 3 weeks before being posted again.

C. Safety
Signage may not block walkways and must conform to fire code. Signs must be securely affixed in order to withstand wind and rain without causing harm to passersby. If damage to buildings or persons occurs due to signs falling or being blown over, the sponsoring organization is responsible for damages and restitution. See below for further information on safety requirements for specific types of signs.

D. Damage & Legibility
If a sign becomes damaged or otherwise unreadable, it must be removed immediately. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for maintaining their own signs. University officials have the right to remove damaged signs. UNF is not responsible for damage, theft or vandalism to signs.

E. Required information
All signs must include valid contact information, which may be a website, email address, public Facebook page, or phone number. QR codes do not substitute for contact information.

Signs must include an event date and/or an expiration date, in keeping with guidelines for duration of posting. For signs that an organization wishes to reuse, the expiration date may be attached in such a way that it can be removed or changed for later use.

F. Restrictions
University officials reserve the right to remove signs deemed inappropriate or excessive for the campus environment

Signs may not be placed closer than 30” to a road and may not be placed in a manner which obstructs vehicular or pedestrian visibility of a road or a sidewalk or interferes with normal pedestrian traffic flow. Signs cannot be placed closer than 50’ from the University entrances.

Signs promoting specific events or programs are not permitted in roadway medians.

The placement of printed materials on vehicles, light posts, benches, trees, trash receptacles, bus/shuttle stops, and other outdoor furnishings is not permitted. University approved advertisements can be place on bus stops.

No banners, signs, or printed materials may be placed on boardwalks, in wetlands or forest areas, or in lakes, ponds or water features. With prior approval, exceptions can be made for art installations in water features.

No banners or signs may be hung over roadways.

Signs should not be affixed to sidewalks or other walkways.

Posters and flyers may only be posted in designated areas, such as bulletin boards. Advertisements and announcements may not be posted in University restrooms unless there is a dedicated posting area.

Flyers and handbills may not be left unattended and unfixed on outdoor surfaces where they may blow away.

No signage or other objects may be nailed, stapled, or tied to trees.

G. Types of signage
1. Road Signs
Road signs (also known as yard signs, bandit signs, real estate signs, and lawn signs) are signs, typically between 12-40 inches on each side, posted on stakes which are inserted into the ground.

Road signs may not be placed on boardwalks, in raised planters or flowerbeds, in wetland or forest areas, or anywhere other than easily accessible areas of grass.

Road signs may not overhang walkways or otherwise obstruct foot traffic.

2. Posters & Flyers
Posters and flyers may be placed on bulletin boards or other surfaces provided for this purpose. Posting of notices on exterior doors, columns, walls, windows, trees, light posts, sidewalks or exterior stairwells is not allowed.

3. Banners
Hanging banners made of vinyl or cloth may be used by on-campus organizations to advertise programs and events. Space for hanging banners is limited and is available on a first-come, first serve basis.

Banners may not be weighted with water bottles or other objects tied to the bottom of the banner.

Sponsoring organizations must supply their own fasteners for hanging banners. Banners must be securely fastened or tied and able to withstand high winds and rain. Sponsoring organizations are responsible for ensuring that banners will not fall.

Banners are subject to size limitations and are permitted only in the following areas:

Student Union.
Contact the Student Union Administration department for policies and permissions regarding banners in the Student Union.

a. Campus Core. Banners may be hung from the balconies surrounding Alumni Plaza: Founders Hall (2), Lassiter Hall (8), and Fredrick H. Shultz Hall(9), the covered walkways from Honors Hall (10) to Thomas G. Carpenter Library (12), J.J. Daniels Hall (1) to Founders Hall (2), and from the Arena Parking Garage (38) to J. Brooks Brown Hall (39), and along the upper-level walkways in front of Andrew A. Robinson Jr. Center (14) and John E. Mathews Jr. Computer Science buildings (15).

Banners in the core of campus may be as large as standard twin-sized sheets (66” x 96”).

4. Free-Standing Signs
Free-standing signs, such as A-frames, must be no larger than 3’ wide and 6’tall (measured from the ground to the top of the sign). The sign must be constructed in such a manner that it is physically stable and presents no danger or impediment to pedestrians passing by.

5. Chalking
Chalking is defined as the use of chalk or similar substances to write or draw on concrete/paved sidewalks. The substance used for chalking must be water-soluble and easily washable by water or rain.

Chalking must be done in fully-exposed, non-covered areas that can be directly washed by rain. Chalking is prohibited on any covered walkway, stairs or steps.

Chalking is not permitted on walls, benches, glass, windows, doors, pilings, engraved pavers, seating areas, columns, planters, painted surfaces, trees, traffic signs, light posts, emergency call phones, fixtures, newsstands, ad dispensers, utility boxes, and any other objects.

6. Greek Letters
Greek Letters must be freestanding and placed well away from walkways to prevent injury if they fall due to gusts of wind. Letters may not be leaned against trees, buildings, railings, or other permanent objects. These letters must be moved in a timely manner to preserve the turf beneath the bottom edges.

7. Plywood Signs
Plywood signs may be no larger than 4’ x 8’. Posting organizations must contact Physical Facilities to obtain clearance before digging post holes.

8. Column Wraps
Plastic or vinyl wraps may be posted on the concrete columns under the second floor walkway between Building 50 and Building 15.

Space for column wraps is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Only one wrap per column is permitted.

Column wraps may be affixed with Velcro or ties. Use of adhesive to affix column wraps is strictly prohibited.

9. Window Painting
Painting on windows of University buildings is not permitted.

10. Other
Individuals or organizations wishing to post other forms of signs or printed announcements/advertisements on campus must contact the appropriate divisional vice president for approval before posting. The appropriate divisional vice president in consultation with the Office of the President may override this policy when appropriate.