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Policies & Regulations
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The Child Development Research Center (“CDRC”) shall be an early childhood center established to provide education and care for the children of students, both graduate and undergraduate, followed by children of staff and faculty of the University and to provide an opportunity for interested schools or departments of the University to conduct educational research programs and establish pre-internship or internship programs within the center.


  1. CDRC plan of operation shall consist of a researched based early childhood education curriculum that fits the needs of the student in the early childhood education program at UNF as well as the needs of the parents and children participating at CDRC. The CDRC shall encourage parental involvement and seek National accreditation on a regular basis.


  2. The Board of Governors’ annual allocation of the Capital Improvement Trust Fund (CITF) fee to CDRC shall be used for the operation and maintenance of the CDRC facilities. As a result of this support, UNF students are charged less than other groups who avail themselves of CDRC services. CDRC will provide programs that will support the UNF student financially such as subsidized care and Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten, when financially feasible.


  3. CDRC shall serve as a convenient and affordable educational experience for children ages 2.5 to 5 years of age. UNF Preschool Alumni up to 10 years old may also attend the Center during the summer or when school is closed, if the center’s ratio can accommodate extra children.


  4. The University President shall be responsible for the operation and supervision of the CDRC. The University Board of Trustees shall promulgate regulations for the operation for CDRC, including guidelines for the use and supervision of student interns, the receipt and monitoring of funds in accordance with the laws of the state of Florida and regulations of the University and the Board of Governors, and participation by the student government association. It is the intent of this program to provide research and training activities which are representative of a comprehensive scope of child development needs throughout the community. To this end, the CDRC’s admission process shall prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, veteran status or socioeconomic status.


  5. The Board of Trustees, which establishes the CDRC, shall provide for an advisory board. This board shall consist of the President of the University or his or her designee, the student government president or his or her designee, the chair or designee from at least one of the departments participating in the center, and a representative number of parents of children enrolled in the center, elected by parents of children enrolled in the center. The director of the center shall be an ex officio, nonvoting member of the board. The advisory board shall establish local policies and perform local oversight and operational guidance for the center and shall insure that the center is operated according to the regulations of the Board of Governors and the University.

    Specific Authority F.S. 1011.48 and BOG 10.004; Formerly 6C9-6.100.
    Amended and Approved by BOT June 25, 2009; Amended October 17, 2019.