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The purpose of this policy is to provide flexibility to managers and employees in performing University work at an alternate site if it is in the best interest of the University. This policy does not apply to faculty subject to the collective bargaining agreement between the University and the United Faculty of Florida.


It is the policy of the University of North Florida that managers and employees may have the option of establishing a telecommuting arrangement for positions designated as eligible to have work performed at a site other than on the UNF campus.


  1. Duration: This arrangement will be valid until canceled in writing with the approval of the supervisor.


  2. Work Hours: Work hours and location will be specified as part of the arrangement.


  3. Time and attendance will be recorded as if the employees were performing work at the University.


  4. Leave: Employees must obtain supervisory approval before taking leave in accordance with established office procedures.


  5. Overtime and compensatory leave will be provided to telecommuting employees pursuant to the applicable provisions regarding these issues as discussed in these personnel regulations and policies. The employee will continue to work in pay status while working at the home office. An employee working overtime, ordered and approved in advance, will be compensated in accordance with applicable law and policies. The employee understands that the supervisor will not accept work products resulting from unapproved overtime. The employee agrees that failing to obtain proper approval for overtime work may result in removal from the telecommuting program or other appropriate action.


  6. Equipment: The supervisor and the employee must agree upon the equipment to be used in telecommuting. The University will not be responsible for employee-owned equipment used in the telecommuting program.


  7. Maintenance of Equipment: Equipment provided by the University must be protected against damage and unauthorized use. University-owned equipment will be serviced and maintained by the University. Equipment provided by the employee will be at no cost to the University, and will be maintained by the employee.


  8. Cost: The University will not be responsible for operating costs, home maintenance, or any other incidental costs (e.g. utilities), associated with the use of the employee's residence. The employee does not give up any reimbursement for authorized expenses incurred while conducting official business for the University.


  9. Liability: The University will not be liable for damages to the employee's property resulting from participation in the telecommuting program. In signing this document, the employee agrees to hold the University harmless against any and all claims, excluding workers' compensation claims.


  10. Workers' Compensation: The employee is covered by workers' compensation if injured in the course of performing official duties at the telecommuting location.


  11. Verification of Home Safety: In signing the arrangement, the employee verifies that the home office provides work space that is free of safety and fire hazards.


  12. Work Assignments: The employee will meet with the supervisor to receive assignments and to review completed work. The employee will complete all assigned work according to procedures mutually agreed upon with the supervisor.


  13. Evaluation: The evaluation of the employee's job performance will be based on established standards in accordance with the evaluation procedures outlined in the University policies. Performance must remain satisfactory to remain a telecommuter. Employees will not be allowed to telecommute while on a performance improvement plan (PIP).


  14. Records: The employee will apply safeguards which are approved by the University to protect records, electronic or otherwise, from unauthorized disclosure or damage. All records, papers and correspondence must be safeguarded for their return to the office.


  15. Participation in Evaluation: The employee and supervisor agree to promptly complete and submit telecommuting evaluation materials and to attend periodic group meetings for the telecommuting program as required.


  16. Curtailment of the Arrangement: Management has the right to remove the employee from the program if participation fails to benefit organizational needs.


The employee agrees to work at the office or telecommuting location, and not from another unapproved site. Failure to comply with this provision may result in revocation of the arrangement, and/or other appropriate disciplinary action.


Adopted by the University of North Florida Board of Trustees as part of the University's Personnel Program on January 26, 2006.