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Policies & Regulations
Direct Support Organizations



  1. The University president may recommend to the University of North Florida Board of Trustees that an organization meeting the requirements of Section 1004.28(1)(a), F.S., become a direct support organization. Upon approval by the board, a direct support organization shall be considered to be certified and authorized to use the property, facilities and personal services of the University to the extent to be set forth in an agreement between the board and the organization.

  2. Operating budgets of direct support organizations shall be prepared at least annually, approved by the organization’s governing board of directors and recommended by the University president to the University board for review.

  3. Proposed changes to the approved budget which would require a commitment of University resources shall be reviewed and approved quarterly by the president or designee, who shall be a vice president of the university or other senior officer of the University reporting directly to the president.

  4. Direct support organizations shall provide for an annual audit and management letter, as prescribed by applicable law and rules, which shall be forwarded to the University board for review and oversight.

  5. The University president may request that the board decertify a direct support organization if the president determines that the organization is no longer serving the best interest of the university. The request for decertification shall include a plan for disposition of the direct support organization’s assets and liabilities.

  6. Direct Support Organizations shall submit federal Internal Revenue Service applications for Recognition of Exemption forms (Form 1023) to the University of North Florida Board of Trustees or designee for review prior to filing.  Each Direct Support Organizations shall annually submit its federal Internal Revenue Service Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax forms (Form 990) to the University board or designee for review.

Specific Authority: 1001.74(4), 1004.28, FS
Law Implemented 1004.28(2)(b), 1001.74(37) FS.
Formerly 9.8003. Amended as approved by the BOT 4/29/10.