Policies & Regulations
Academic Affairs



To establish policy for maintaining regional accreditation of the University and discipline-specific accreditation for colleges, schools, and academic programs.




Regional Accreditation

The University of North Florida maintains compliance with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) accreditation standards. In keeping with Board of Governors' policy, the Chancellor of the Board of Governors shall be notified of all scheduled visits and actions taken by the SACSCOC that pertain to the UNF's compliance certification or interim report. In addition, the University shall provide a copy of the compliance certification or public disclosure statements to the Board of Governors.


Discipline Accreditation

UNF also expects academic units to seek and maintain national or specialized accreditation for colleges, schools, and academic programs for which there are established standards for programmatic accreditation. The University shall submit the State University System Accreditation Survey to the Office of the Board of Governors on an annual basis. This survey will include the accreditation status of the University's colleges, schools, and academic programs, including rationales for programs not seeking available accreditation.