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Policies & Regulations
Academic Affairs: Financial Aid


The University of North Florida is dedicated to the principle that every student applying for financial aid shall receive full consideration. Policies designed to provide funding to students who would otherwise be unable to receive a post-secondary education will be executed through the Office of Student Financial Aid. The University of North Florida will assure consistent and equitable treatment of all applicants and attempt to meet the full need of as many applicants as possible.


  1. Financial Aid Policy Committee
    1. The committee members shall consist of:
      1. The Director of Student Financial Aid, chair
      2. The Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services
      3. A representative from Institutional Advancement
      4. A representative from the Office of the Provost
      5. A representative from Administration and Finance
      6. A representative from the President's Office
      7. A representative from Student Affairs
    2. The purpose of the Financial Aid Policy Committee is as follows:
      1. Recommend University regulation on matters related to institutional financial aid programs.
      2. Establish program objectives consistent with the University's mission and strategic plan.
      3. Monitor effectiveness of financial aid activities.
  2. Office of Student Financial Aid
    1. The Office of Student Financial Aid shall be the single office designated to coordinate and administer financial aid at the University of North Florida.
  3. Distribution and Use of Financial Aid Funds
    1. Institutional resources include all federal, state, institutional, foundation and other aid programs that are locally administered.
      1. Financial need and academic merit are given primary consideration in the awarding of financial aid to students. Also considered are the balance of funding levels between need-based and non-need based programs to reflect the needs of the UNF student population, the necessity for increasing current programs versus the need for new programs and assuring fiscal integrity.
        1. Need-based funds are distributed on a priority basis to students who apply after January 1 each year and who have a demonstrated financial need, as determined by a nationally recognized need-analysis system, and who complete all student aid application requirements. The optimum financial aid package varies considerably due to student classification, family financial status, availability of funds and application date.


        2. Academic merit assistance is awarded to University of North Florida students according to their academic standing, achievement test scores or ability to contribute to the institution.


        3. The University of North Florida recognizes special student talents and qualities in artistic, athletic, technical and other areas and awards scholarships, grants and waivers for such contributions.
      2. Information concerning any institutional need-based financial aid program may be obtained from the Office of Student Financial Aid. This office coordinates the distribution and use of all need-based resources, as well as all merit-based programs awarded by the Office of Admissions, the Graduate School and the individual colleges or departments of the University. Additionally, this office coordinates scholarships awarded to students by donors external to the University.