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Policies & Regulations
Academic Affairs: Enrollment Services

This regulation establishes guidelines and procedures for students enrolled exclusively in online, accelerated-term programs. The intent of this policy is to address student application, admission, matriculation and fee remittance. Existing policies may also be consulted for more specific information regarding student activities and requirements.


For the purposes of this policy the phrase “accelerated-term” refers to a term that does not follow the traditional format and may be shorter in length. These accelerated terms are referenced by association with a traditional semester for the purposes of policy clarity. Additionally, the phrase “modular term” or “module” refers to any term used by an online, accelerated-term program for the purpose of educational delivery.

Enrollment for Financial Aid Purposes:
Enrollment status for Federal and institutional financial aid eligibility will be determined on a payment period basis. This will be achieved by combining enrollment hours from each accelerated-term/module within a semester. For example: enrollment hours from Fall modules 1 & 2 will be combined to determine eligibility for aid during the Fall payment period. Enrollment hours taken during a second accelerated-term/module within a semester cannot be combined with hours taken during the first module during a different semester to determine eligibility for aid (e.g. hours taken in Fall 2 cannot be combine with hours taken in Spring 1).

Tuition and Fees:
Accelerated-term online programs with market rate or cost recovery tuition and the courses contained therein are not eligible for University tuition waivers or exemptions. Therefore, students in these programs or taking these courses will not be eligible for State Tuition Waiver (BOG 7.008), Employee Education (EEP), or Tuition Scholarship (TSP) benefit programs available to UNF personnel and dependents (UNF 11.0040).

Students in accelerated-term online programs or taking courses in these programs will be responsible for all fines and penalties as approved by the University Board of Trustees, including but not limited to late payment fee, NSF, convenience fee, etc. (BOG 7.003).

Admissions - General:
Applications for accelerated-term online programs will be reviewed in accordance with UNF policy 2.0380R and UNF policy 2.0630P. Applicants for accelerated-term online programs will be considered as exceptions to regulation #7 on submission of medical documentation unless such documentation is a requirement of the degree program.

Continuous Enrollment:
The University of North Florida has defined Continuous Enrollment of all students. Students in online accelerated-term programs will be evaluated under the same definition. Evaluation of continuous enrollment status will be tied to traditional semester terms. A student who breaks continuous enrollment must re- apply for admission and is subject to all admission requirements and criteria at the time of re-application. (UNF Readmission policy 2.0200P)

Students enrolled in an online accelerated-term program are subject to the University’s attendance policy. Attendance requirements must be published in the course syllabus and disseminated at the start of the course. Attendance in an online course may be determined by participation in an academically-related activity such as:
• Submitting an academic assignment;
• Taking an exam, an interactive tutorial, or computer-assisted instruction;
• Participating in an online discussion about academic matters;
• Initiating contact with a faculty member to ask a question about the academic subject studied in the course.

Students enrolled in an online accelerated-term program are ineligible for reinstatement following the purge for non-payment.

Late Registration:
Students enrolled in an online accelerated-term program are ineligible for late registration. Registration for the accelerated-term ends prior to the first day of the term and students who miss a specific term may be eligible to register for the next available term.

Concurrent Registration in Accelerated-Term and Traditional Terms:
Students are not permitted to simultaneously enroll in accelerated-terms and traditional terms. While admitted to an accelerated-term program, students are not permitted to enroll in traditional term courses, and vice versa.

Transitioning between Accelerated-Term and Traditional Term Programs:
Students who wish to transition between an accelerated-term and traditional term program must apply for admission to their intended program.
Note: Some programs do not provide an option for students to transition between accelerated-terms and traditional terms. Check with the program department/college.

Residency for Tuition Purposes:
Students enrolled in an online accelerated-term program must complete a residency affidavit as part of the Application for Admissions. Check with the program department/college to determine the tuition and fee charges.

Degrees will be conferred each accelerated-term for all eligible students (Policy 2.0650P and Policy 2.0400P). The degrees will post to the official transcript and will be available for immediate printing/transmission. Official diplomas will be printed in the next traditional semester printing. Requests for off schedule printing may be granted depending on the circumstances and resources available. Formal requests should be directed to a student’s academic advisor. Graduating students may apply to participate in the traditional semester Commencement ceremony associated with their graduation term.