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Timely Warning Policy
Number: 1.0100P
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Effective Date: 6/16/2008
Revised Date:
Responsible Division/Department:
University Police Department

    The University of North Florida Police Department ("UPD") in consultation with the University President or his/her designee is responsible for issuing timely warnings in compliance with the Jeanne Clery Act, 20 U.S.C. § 1092f) et seq. In furtherance of the requirements of the Clery Act and issuing timely warnings, the UPD will continuously work and coordinate with local law police agencies.


    A Clery Act timely warning is used for the purpose of informing the campus community of a potentially dangerous situation. Anyone with information regarding criminal activity that warrants a timely warning should report the circumstances to the UPD either by telephone at 620-2800 or in person at the UPD's offices (building 41). A Clery Act timely warning is provided in order to keep the campus community informed about safety and security matters on an ongoing basis and in an effort to prevent similar crimes from occurring. The decision to issue a timely warning is made on a case by case basis and the timing of the notification shall, in the first instance, be based upon whether the crime is considered a serious or continuing threat to students or employees and the possible risk of compromising law enforcement efforts. Timely warnings are usually issued for the following crimes: arson, burglary, aggravated assault, criminal homicide, motor vehicle theft, robbery and sex offenses. Timely warnings may also be issued for other crimes as deemed appropriate. Upon receipt of all relevant information, such warnings will, as circumstances warrant, be issued in a manner to best protect the campus community.


    When a determination has been made that a timely warning should be issued, the UPD will inform the campus community by taking all appropriate steps to ensure timely notification of the campus community. Options for notification of students, faculty and staff include email, voicemail, website (http://www.unf.edu/emergency), student newspaper ("Spinnaker") or other publications, and news releases to local media. Such warning(s) may include, but are not limited to, the following information: type of crime, date, time and location of crime, as well as availabe suspect information.