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Policies & Regulations


All members of the University community, including faculty, staff, volunteers, students, independent contractors, and guests who commit any of the enumerated acts in paragraph (II) below, and/or who are impairing, interfering with or obstructing the mission, purpose, order, operations processes and functions of the University are subject to appropriate disciplinary action and potential criminal prosecution.


  1. Disruptive conduct shall include, but not be limited to, the following:
    1. Violence or threat of violence to others or against one's self; against any member or guest of the University community;
    2. Theft, conversion, misuse, unauthorized use, damage or willful destruction of University property or of the property of members of the University community;
    3. Unauthorized interference with the freedom of movement of any member or guest of the University;
    4. Unauthorized interference with or impeding the rights of others to enter, use or leave any university facility, service, or scheduled activity, or carry out their normal functions or duties; or
    5. Deliberate interference with academic freedom and freedom of speech of any member or guest of the University.
    6. Non-compliance with written or oral requests or orders of authorized University officials in the performance of their official duties;
    7. Providing false information to University officials, withholding required information from University officials or others, or misusing University documents;
    8. Possession or use of fireworks, explosives, dangerous chemicals, ammunition, or prohibited weapons on campus without the written approval of the appropriate University officials;
    9. Creating or in any way imitating a false alarm;
    10. Misuse of, or interference with, fire-fighting equipment;
    11. Disturbing the peace;
    12. Violation of the University Alcohol and Other Drug Policy;
    13. Illegal possession or misuse of other controlled substances;
    14. Endangering the health, safety, and welfare of members or guests of the University;
    15. Actions or statements which by design or intent amount to intimidation or hazing;
    16. Sexual harassment or other forms of illegal discrimination toward a member or guest of the University;
    17. Unauthorized solicitation of funds;
    18. Misuse or unauthorized duplication of any University key;
    19. Violation of the University Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco policy;
    20. Fabrication, falsification, plagiarism, misrepresentation of findings or other deviation from accepted practices in carrying out research, or failure to comply with legal requirements governing research
  2. This rule shall apply to acts conducted on or off campus when relevant to the orderly conduct, processes, and functions of the University.

Specific Authority: 1001..74(10)(e), (19); 1006.60; 1006.61; 1012.93, Florida Statutes.

Law Implemented: 1006.60(5); 1012.92(3), Florida Statutes.

History--New 05/16/04


Formerly 9-5.009