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Policies & Regulations

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Number Title Effective Date Revised Date
1.0010P Policy Creation and Development Process 6/1/2001 5/24/2021
1.0020P Statement of Ethical Conduct 12/19/2005 10/1/2018
1.0030R Disruptive Behavior 5/16/2004 1/28/2021
1.0040R Non-Discrimination, Equal Opportunity and Diversity Regulation 8/11/2020
1.0050R Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Sexual Harassment 8/11/2020
1.0070P Amorous or Sexual Relationship Policy 2/10/2006 2/2/2006
1.0080R Disability Access Obligations for Program, Events or Activities at University Venues 7/5/2007 10/21/2014
1.0090P Student Loan Practices Code of Conduct 4/17/2008
1.0100P Clery Act Timely Warning and Emergency Notification Policy 6/16/2008 8/1/2019
1.0110R Fraud Prevention and Detection 6/17/2021
1.0120P Campus Safety and Security Reporting 11/14/2011 8/1/2019
1.0130P Export Control Laws and Regulations - Compliance Policy 11/14/2011 5/24/2021
1.0140R Smoke-Free Campus 8/1/2015 1/28/2021
1.0150P Email Policy 10/1/2018 10/26/2020
1.0170P Gifts, Honoraria, and Other Things of Value 2/10/2020