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Human Resource and Finance Timeline - Phase 1

Workday implementation signals a new era at UNF. This modern system will replace many administrative process and a standardized system. The implementation process began in early 2023 with the Business Process Analysis or Readiness, a process dedicated to looking at internal processes to find opportunities for improvement.

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    Jan. 2023 - April 2023

    In this phase UNF conducts a detailed review of current business practices. The analysis focuses on what is working well and where a practice can improve. This phase is scheduled to be complete in April 2023.
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    April - May 2023

    Identify what and how it is changing.​ Forecast training aspects and
    individual benefit​.
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    Architect and Configure

    June 2023 - Nov. 2023

    In this phase UNF is actively engaged in designing and configuring Workday for the University. Data is populated in Workday and any key integrations are completed.
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    Testing & Training

    Dec. 2023 - June 2024

    In this phase all work completed during Architect and Configure will be validated. UNF is responsible for all testing including verification of system security and integrations. Training and testing will be a comprehensive and a robust process.
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    Production Cutover

    July 1, 2024

    In this phase the project will "go live". Moving to the Workday production platform means that all work completed in the Test phase is realized. Training and onboarding will continue in the Production Cutover phase as units transition to Workday.
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    Post-Production Support

    July - August 2024

    In this phase, also known as Hypercare, UNF will stabilize and work in the system for approximately 8 weeks. Typically, no changes are made in in hypercare so that users become comfortable in Workday and any larger issues can be addressed. Support assistance will transition to UNF.
Project Management • Change Management • Train-the-Trainer and Training Support
Phase 2 featuring student systems will begin immediately following the implementation of human resources and finance in Phase 1.