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Testing Stage

Over the next seven months, the Osprey Rising team will swoop in to put the Workday system to the test as we begin the Test stage. 

Testing is an exciting new stage for examining, refining and confirming the Workday system. It is the final stage before Training begins.  

high level testing timeline

High-level Testing Timeline: Oct. 9-27, 2023 - Unit Testing; Dec. 4-22, 2023 - E2E Testing Part 1; Jan. 3-19, 2024 - E2E Testing Part 2; Mar. 11-Apr. 25, 2024 - Parallel Testing; Apr. 1-19, 2024 - Production Dress Rehearsal (PDR) 

During this stage, four types of testing will occur, beginning in October 2023 with Unit testing, and ending in April 2024 with Production Dress Rehearsal testing. All types of testing ensure that the business processes designed and built in previous project stages function properly and serve the business needs of the University at large.

What is Unit Testing? 

Unit testing kicks off in October 2023. Testers will complete targeted test scenarios to examine Workday configurations up to this point in time, security, and access. Unit testing will include Osprey Rising leads and Accenture partners.


Businesswoman, laptop and tablet in analytics

What is End-to-End (E2E) Testing? 

End-to-end (E2E) testing kicks off in December 2023. Testers will complete a series of comprehensive test scenarios to examine Workday from top to bottom, ensuring the system's data and business processes function as designed and produce the anticipated results. E2E will include Osprey Rising leads, Accenture partners, and a group of guest testers from the broader University community. 

What is Payroll Parallel Testing? 

Payroll Parallel Testing validates same pay period processing against Banner production. The payroll results are validated against the 3rd party integration results and data synchronization. This testing will be completed in two rounds beginning in April 2024.  

Investors working on desk office and use computer to check data

What is Production Dress Rehearsal (PDR)? 

Production Dress Rehearsal (PDR) is a period of testing intended to ensure that the business processes in Workday run as designed for those who will be carrying out these activities regularly. PDR testing will occur in April 2024. During PDR, testers will view and complete test scenarios and help validate Workday training materials and job aids.  They aim to ensure the system is friendly and functional before the University begins Workday training in May 2024. 

What happens after testing? 

The Workday system will be prepared for training and launch following testing. Then, it’s time to get ready to start using Workday in July of 2024!