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Be sure to check back for more terms as we swoop deeper into the Workday transformation!


Banner Term Workday Term
Budget Budget
Budget Transfer (B09) Budget Amendment for Organization
Rule Class Budget Amendment Type


Banner Term Workday Term
Direct Deposit Information Payment Elections
Paystub Payslip
W4 and State Tax Elections Worker Tax Elections
Manual Checks On Demand Checks
Labor Redistribution (PHAREDS) Payroll Accounting Adjustment
Back Pay/Retro Pay Retro Pay Calculation
Direct Deposit Info Payment Elections
Earnings Statement/Paystub Payslip
Earn Types Earning Codes
Factors Disimbursements
Garnishments Withholding Order
Labor Distributions Costing Allocations
Labor Redistributions Payroll Accounting Allocations
Manual Checks On Demand Checks
Pays Work Period
W4/Tax Elections Tax Elections


Banner Term Workday Term
Organization Cost Center
Account Ledger Account, Revenue Category, Spend Category
Program Program
Fund Fund
Chart of Accounts (COA) Financial Data Model (FDM)
Chart of Accounts Elements (FOAPAL) Worktags
Expense Transfer (J09) (FGAJVCM) Create Journal
Trial Balance Summary (FGITBSR) Balance Sheet or Trial Balance
Data Upload/Feed Enterprise Interface Builder (EIB)


Banner Term Workday Term
Request for PO Requisition
Vendor Supplier
Procurement Card (pcard) Procurement Card/Travel Card
None in Banner

Catalog Order

A requisition or PO created from a Catalog existing within Workday

None in Banner

Punch Out

A requisition or PO created from a Supplier's website external to Workday and brought back into Workday to create the order (i.e. Staples, Amazon)

Receiving Report Receipt
Logging of Vendor Invoice Request Supplier Invoice
Find Vendor Invoice Find Suppliers
Invoice Inquiry Find Supplier Invoices
Open invoice aging Payables aging
Invoice Processing History Find Supplier Invoices
Vendor History Supplier Payments
Vendor Invoice Number Supplier Reference Number
Approval Process Business Process
Payment Request Ad Hoc Payment Request
Document History My Receipt
Vendor Inquiry View Supplier Invoice
Purchase Order Database Find Purchase Order
Purchase/Blanket Inquiry Find Purchase Order


Banner Term Workday Term
Research Accounting Datasheet Award
Research Accounting Datasheet Update or NCE Award amendment
Research Accounting Datasheet Update Award Correction
Fund Fund
Not in Banner Award Number
Not in Banner Grant Number
Account Code Spend Category
Principal Investigator Lead Principal Investigator
Financial Manager (FTMDUND) Grant Manager
Indirect Costs (IDC) or Overhead Facilities and Administration (F&A)

Workday Roles

Banner Term Workday Term
Pay & Leave Team in HR HR Partner
Class & Comp Team in HR Comp Partner
Employment Team in HR Recruiter
Employee's direct supervisor Manager
DDD Unit Executive
Department Head/Chair Cost Center Manager
College Budget Cost Center Manager 2
Division Budget Cost Center Manager 3
University Budget Budget Manager
VP No term yet
If funding is coming from Foundation, Grant, etc. Worktag Manager
Academic Affairs Division related to faculty assignments Academic Faculty Partner
None in Banner Academic Credentialing

Time and Absence

Banner Term Workday Term
Annual Leave / Annual time off Annual time off
Clock In/Clock Out Check In/Check Out (Time Clock Event)
Leave Time & Absence
Leave Without Pay Unpaid Time Off
Payroll Liaison Timekeeper
Sick Leave Sick Time Off
Timesheet Time Entry Template
Time Worked and Various terms Time Tracking
Web-Time Entry Time Entry


Banner Term Workday Term
Adjunct Pay Period Activity Pay
Applicant Candidate
Bonus, Commission One-Time Payment
Budget Manager/Business Manager HR Business Partner
Class Comp Comp Partner
Contract Worker, Intern, Volunteer, Honorary Fellow, Trustee, non-Compensated Contingent Worker
Courtesy Faculty Academic Affiliate
Department Supervisory Organization
Emeritus Faculty Retiree-Emeritus
None in Banner Workday Self-Service
Hiring Proposal Offer
Home Org Supervisory Org
Hourly Pay Rate Type
HR Generalist HR Analyst
Inactive Employee Non-Active Employee
Job Classification Job Profile
Job Classification Code Job Profile
Job Posting Job Requisition
Job Title Job Profile Name
Labor Distribution Costing Allocation 
New Hire Hire
Pre-Hire Pre-Hire
None in Banner Academic Appointments
Records Team HR Partner
Retiree Retiree
Routing Queue Business Process
Salary Pay Rate Type
Salary Grade Compensation Grade
School, College, Academic or Administrative Department Unit
Separation Termination (voluntary or unvoluntary)
Faculty, Executives, OPS Job Family Group
Stipend Allowance
NID Worker ID
Working Title Business Title