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Top Takeaways from the OspreyRising Workday Summit

The OspreyRising Workday Summit held on March 6 brought together campus members for an engaging and informative event.

Held in a collaborative spirit, the summit provided a platform to explore the following key aspects: Human Capital Management (HCM), Finance (FDM), and Procurement.

HCM Highlights


  • Position numbers are changing. It will now be a sequential number with the following formatting: P-XXXXXXXX (Eight digits).
  • Recruiting changed from 6 approval steps to 3 or fewer, depending on the type of position.
  • Job requisition changed from 7 approval steps to 4 approval steps.
  • Assigning Roles on a Job Requisition: Primary Recruiter moves the applicant through the search process. Recruitment for director-level or higher positions will require a search committee chair.
  • Supplemental questions will be refined.
  • The departments must monitor answers to specific recruitment questions. This is a shift. 
  • All candidates at the end of the search must be in a disposition status to indicate if they are hired or not and why.
  • You can rehire an existing student in two easy steps using the “Extend” option
  • Index will be known as Key.

New Features:

  • Job profile—Similar to job specifications, this is the basic part of the job, not department-specific. You will add details under the job description and edit it.
  • Supervisory Organization (Sup Org) is a new concept that indicates all the employees who report to one manager. This is what drives the Workday organizational chart.
  • Emails will be sent to candidates immediately upon selecting the decline button!
  • Staff will request time off through Workday. If approved, it will automatically be added to the employee’s timesheet.
  • Ability to see hours worked in other departments for students with multiple jobs.

FDM Highlights

Concur to Workday Terminology

Old term = New term
Concur Term  =  Workday Term
Travel Request  =   Spend Authorization
Request/Trip Name  =  Description
Request/Trip Purpose  =  Business Purpose
Trip Type  =  Expenditure Treatment
Benefit to the University  =  Justification

Spend authorization (Spend Auth) now encumbers funds. The expense report against it will liquidate the encumbrance.

You can still create on behalf of other employees similar to concur – it’s now called “Create Spend Authorization For Worker.”  Note that the approval still must go to the worker for submission.

Procurement Highlights

New Terminology:

Cost Center
Comparable to the Organization Code in the FOAPAL. A unit with an ongoing business purpose within the institution usually has a budget and employees and generally occupies space. Generally synonymous with “department.”

Money that has been reserved for a specific purpose and cannot be spent on other items. Encumbrances are created through purchase orders and spend authorizations.

Spend Category
Provides more detail within a Ledger Account; similar to Banner Account Code. A logical grouping to search and report on acquired items and services. The user will select this when making a purchase.


Submit a Requisition Q&A:

Requisitions for Purchase Orders are submitted through the Create Requisition Task. Workday makes it simple by pre-populating certain required fields based on the user's profile and by marking additional fields needed.

Question: Do we need to select the commodity code when creating a requisition?
Answer: No, the Procurement Services team will review and select the appropriate commodity code. End users will be responsible for selecting the Spend Category.

Question: Does the requisition encumber the funds? 
Answer: The requisition will pre-encumber funds.

Question: Can I do split funding/multiple cost centers?
Answer: Yes, end users may split funding on each line when entering a requisition.

Submit a New Supplier Request Q&A:

Adding a supplier to Workday may be requested with the Create Supplier Request task. The company name and contact information is all that is needed.

Question: Is the Supplier Help email address,, staying?
Answer: Yes, the email address will still be available to assist suppliers.

Question: Will vendors be able to register themselves/fill out a supplier request form?
Answer: Yes, suppliers will be able to initiate the registration process on their own.

Question: Who will have access to request a supplier?
Answer: All campus users will be able to request a supplier.

Question: Can you see a list of approved suppliers?
Answer: Campus users will be able to search for registered Suppliers within Workday