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Project Team

hexagons with people symbols and connections between themWorkday is a big project and requires guidance from leaders across campus. The Steering team is responsible for considering all campus constituents, soliciting feedback and making informed decisions regarding the overall direction of the project. The Steering team relies on all Ospreys to provide feedback and escalate project questions and concerns. Success depends on UNF working together.

Members of the Implementation Team are actively engaged with the Workday system. Members represent their respective units and are key in the set-up and format of Workday at UNF. The implementation team has a larger role in considering policy and process changes and serving as liaisons with the campus.

Organization Chart  Ambassador Network

Steering Committee

OspreyRising Steering Committee Members
Name Department 
Brian Verkamp Information Technology Services
Scott Bennett Administration and Finance
Andrea Arikawa Brooks College of Health
Abby Willcox Institutional Research
Devany Groves Office of Planning and Budget
Valerie Stevenson Controller's Office
Charles Learch Registrar's Office 
Dmitriy Bond Information Technology Services
Christine Malek Richard Academic Affairs 
Laura McCloskey Human Resources
Cheresa Boston Research and Sponsor

Implementation Team

OspreyRising Implementation Team Members
Name Department
Felicia George Academic and Student Affairs
Anne Hoover Academic and Student Affairs
Jennifer Nabors Academic and Student Affairs
Dawn Knipe Academic and Student Affairs
Olga Igolnikov Annual Giving
Kelly Harrison CPDT
Leanne Thomas Accounts Payable
Anisa Bakiu Controller's Office, General Accounting
Karene Fabian Controller's Office, Gereral Accounting
Ana Guzman Controller's Office, General Accounting
Ashley Parnell Controller's Office, General Accounting
Angela Simmons Controller's Office, General Accounting
Miguel Gabertan Controller's Office, Payroll
Robert Parnell Controller's Office, Payroll
James Mousa Controller's Office, Property
Erin Davis Foundation Accounting
Christie Ellis Human Resources
Calena Gray Human Resources
Michelle Phillips Human Resources
Megan Porter Human Resources
Preston Bennett Institutional Research
Cammy Pucci IPTM
Brandon Beaver ITS, Architecture
Jason Jones ITS, Architecture
April Johnson ITS, Enterprise Applications
Kimberly Kentes ITS, Enterprise Services
Jim McGuffey ITS, Enterprise Services
Andrew Morse ITS, Enterprise Services
Hans Priepke ITS, Enterprise Services
Dirk Small ITS, Enterprise Services
Burr Watters ITS, Enterprise Services
Alec Wicker ITS, Enterprise Services
Pansy Tapper TSI Accounting
Nichelle Flannory MOCA
Erin Byrd Planning and Budget
Mike McGuire Planning and Budget
Eric Dickey Procurement
Eva Tinc Project Management Office
Mike Neglia Treasury
Michelle Rancharan Treasury

Change Team

OspreyRising Change Management Team Members
Name Department 
Dmitriy Bond  Change Management Administrator
Megan Kuehner Change Management Lead
Todd Vatter Communications Lead
Kelly Harrison Training Lead