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OspreyRising Overview


The University of North Florida has embarked on an exciting new project aimed at upgrading and enhancing many of our core business processes at UNF. Beginning in January 2023 and covering the next 18 months, the University will be actively engaged in OspreyRising, a digital transformation project that will replace finance and human resource functions in the current system, Ellucian Banner, with a new cloud-based system, Workday.

What is Workday?

Workday is a comprehensive and inclusive human resources and financial management system. Aimed at enhancing functionality, usability and productivity, Workday will replace numerous existing systems and products that currently require significant manual interaction to keep them running.

Workday will promote consistency across the University while reducing costs, risks and technology debt. Workday is key to UNF's digital transformation, and it will change the way you work!


HR and Finance Timeline

Project Management • Change Management • Train-the-Trainer & Training Support



Jan. '23 - April '23

Architect & Configure

April '23 - Feb. '24


Feb. '24 - June '24

Production Cutover

July 1, 2024

Post-Production Support

July '24 - Aug. '24

Latest from OspreyRising

workday is coming soon on a yellow background with dots

February 17, 2023 ~ OspreyRising Monthly Newsletter

This OspreyRising newsletter is made for rock stars like you. As you know, OspreyRising is an exciting new project aimed at upgrading and enhancing many of our core business processes at UNF into a new cloud-based system called Workday. This monthly communication will help keep you informed on our progress as we share the latest project insights. OspreyRising is guided by goals to continually improve the overall experience for students, faculty and staff. Our focus is you, so we encourage you to stay in touch with us throughout this journey as we share updates and a few laughs along the way. Check out Workday’s SuperBowl ad! Are you ready to embrace the OspreyRising project and become Workday rock stars like Billy Idol and Joan Jett?

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Benefits of Workday at UNF

  • Unified applications - integrated user experience across financials, HR, data analytics and more.
  • Lower total costs - a cloud based solution means there are no required "bolt-ons" to install and maintain.
  • Continuous innovation - automated upgrades replace cumbersome and manual installations
  • Strategic direction - empowering users with actionable and reliable data¬†