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OspreyRising Workday Transition

Go-Live Checklist:

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  • Review the Day 1 Checklist

Workday Day 1 Checklist

Launched on July 1, 2024, the University actively engaged in OspreyRising, a digital transformation that replaced finance and human resource functions in a new cloud-based system, Workday.

Workday aims to enhance functionality, usability and productivity. It replaces numerous existing systems and products. Workday promotes consistency across the University while reducing costs, risks and technology debt. Workday is key to UNF's digital transformation and will change how you work!

Benefits of Workday at UNF

  • Unified applications - integrated user experience across financials, HR, data analytics and more.
  • Lower total costs - a cloud based solution means there are no required "bolt-ons" to install and maintain.
  • Continuous innovation - automated upgrades replace cumbersome and manual installations
  • Strategic direction - empowering users with actionable and reliable data