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UNF Administrators: A Chronology, 1969-Present


Year Name Title
1969-1980 Thomas G. Carpenter President
1980-1982 Andrew A. Robinson, Jr. Interim President
1982-1988 Curtis L. McCray President
1988-1989 Roy E. McTarnaghan Interim President
1989-1998 Adam W. Herbert President
1998 A. David Kline Acting President, Jan. 20-Feb 22, 1998
Acting President, Dec. 19, 1998-Jan. 1999
1998 E. K. Fretwell Interim President, Feb. 23-Dec.18, 1998
1999-2002 Anne H. Hopkins Appointed 1998, Jan. 1999-Aug 2, 2002
2002-2003 A. David Kline Interim President
2003-present John A. Delaney President

Vice Presidents of Divisions

Division of Academic Affairs

Year Name Title
1970-1977 Roy L. Lassiter, Jr. (Deceased) Vice President and Dean of Faculties
1977-1978 Jack T. Humphries Acting Vice President
1978-1982 John P. Minahan Vice President
1982-1985 William C. Merwin Vice President and Provost
1985-1986 Gary R. Fane Interim Vice President
1986-1989 John W. Bardo Vice President and Provost
1989-1993 Kenneth E. Martin Interim & Permanent Vice President
1993 Charles M. Galloway Acting Vice President
1994-1995 Alan C. Ling (Deceased) Vice President and Provost
1995 Frank E. Juge Interim Vice President, July 17-August 21? 1995
1995-1996 Charles M. Galloway Acting Vice President
1996-2002 A. David Kline Vice President and Provost
2002-2003 Henry (Hank) J. Camp Interim Vice President
2003-2004 A. David Kline Vice President and Provost
2004-2005 Gerald R. Giordano Vice President and Provost
2005-2006 Mark E. Workman Interim Vice President and Provost
2006-2013 Mark E. Workman Vice President and Provost
2013-2015 Earle C. Traynham Interim Vice President and Provost
2015-2017 Earle C. Traynham Vice President and Provost
2017-Present Pamela C. Chally Interim Vice President and Provost

Division of Administration and Finance

Year Name Title
1970-1985 Jim C. Haywood Dean, Vice President for Administrative Affairs
1986 Curtis Bullock Interim Vice President
1986-1994 Curtis Bullock Vice President, 1986-Aug. 14, 1994
1994 Thomas C. Healy Interim Vice President
1995-2002 Robert F. Fagin Vice President, Jan. 9, 1995-Jan. 31, 2002
2002-2003 Richard L. Crosby Interim Vice President, Feb 1, 2002-Aug. 17, 2003
2003-present Shari A. Shuman Vice President, Aug 18, 2003-present

Name changed October 7, 1991. Formerly "Administration and Planning/ Administrative Affairs".

Division of Institutional Advancement

Year Name Title
1970-1984 George W. Corrick Dean / Vice President
1984-1990 Thomas Quinlan Vice President
1990-1991 Thomas C. Healy Interim Vice President, 1990-July 14, 1991
1991-1993 Bradford Barwise Vice President, July 15, 1991-July 1993
1993-1995 Edward A. Johnson Interim Vice President, July 1993-Sept. 12, 1995
1995-2013 Pierre N. Allaire Vice President, Sept. 13, 1995-present
2013-2014 Ann McCullen Interim Vice President
2014-2017 Joshua Merchant Vice President

Name changed September 25, 1995. Formerly "University Relations & Development / University Advancement".

Division of Student Affairs

Year Name Title
1972-1973 William R. Baggett Dean
1973-1983 Darwin O. Coy Dean
1983-1986 Sandra G. Hansford Vice President, June 1983-1986
1986-1987 Bernadine J. Bolden Interim Vice President
1987-1989 Bernadine J. Bolden Vice President, July 1987-1989
1989 Thomas C. Healy Interim Vice President
1990-1999 Roland Buck Vice President,1990-June 30, 1999
1999-2000 Everett J. Malcolm Interim Vice President
2000-present Mauricio Gonzalez Vice President, October 1, 2000-present

Division of Governmental Affairs

Year Name Title
1991-1998 Thomas C. Healy Director, 1991-1996; Vice President, 1996-1998
1998-present Janet D. Owen Director, 1998-2005; Vice President, 2005-present
Formerly "Office of Governmental Relations".


Brooks College of Health

Year Name Title
1975-1980? Eileen Austin Director, Division of Nursing
1981-1983 Barbara Pieta Director, Division of Nursing
1984-1986 Katherine Webster Director, Division of Nursing
1987-1988 Patricia H. Foster Interim Director, Division of Nursing
1988-1998 Joan Farrell Dean
1998-2017 Pamela S. Chally Dean
2017-Present Curt Lox Dean

Formerly "College of Health".

Coggin College of Business

Year Name Title
1970-1984 James M. Parrish Dean
1984 Frank S. McLaughlin Interim Dean
1985-1989 Edward Moses Dean
1989-1993 Edward A. Johnson Dean
1993-1994 Earle C. Traynham Interim Dean
1994-2003 Earle C. Traynham Dean
2003-2005 Gary R. Fane Interim Dean
2005-2010 John P. McAllister Dean
2010-2015 Ajay Samant Dean
2015-present Mark Dawkins Dean

Formerly "College of Business Administration".

College of Arts & Sciences

Year Name Title
1970-1978 Willard O. Ash (deceased) Dean
1978-1979 Jack T. Humphries Interim Dean
1980-1983 Peter H. Salus Dean
1983-1984 Edward A. Healy Interim Dean
1984-1987 Edward A. Healy (Dean) Dean
1987-1989 Richard Weiner (Interim Dean) Interim Dean
1989-1992 Afesa M. Adams Dean
1992 James B. Crooks Interim Dean
1993-2000 Lewis J. Radonovich Dean
2000-2001 Henry (Hank) J. Camp Interim Dean
2001-2005 Mark E. Workman Dean
2005-2006 David D. Jaffee Acting Dean
2006-2007 Dale L. Clifford Interim Dean
2007-2015 Barbara Hetrick Dean
2016-2017 Daniel Moon Interim Dean
2017-Present George Rainbolt Dean

College of Computing, Engineering and Construction

Year Name Title
1983-1984 Judy Solano Interim Director, Division of Computer and Information Sciences
1984-1989 Kenneth E. Martin Director, Division of Computer and Information Sciences
1989-1991 Charles N. Winton Interim Dean, College of Computer and Information Sciences
1991-1994 Robert F. Roggio Dean
1994-1998 Charles N. Winton Acting Dean
1998-2009 Neal S. Coulter Dean
2009-2011 Peter A. Braza Interim Dean
2011-present Mark Tumeo Dean

College of Education and Human Services

Year Name Title
1970-1976 Ellis F. White (deceased) Dean
1976-1980 Andrew A. Robinson, Jr. (deceased) Dean
1980-1983 Bette J. Soldwedel (deceased) Interim Dean
1983-1987 Andrew A. Robinson, Jr. (deceased) Dean
1987-1991 Carl R. Ashbaugh Dean
1991-1995 Donna B. Evans Dean
1995-1997 Katherine M. Kasten Interim Dean
1997-2004 Katherine M. Kasten Dean
2004-2014 Larry G. Daniel Dean
2014-2016 Marsha Lupi Interim Dean
2016-present Diane Yendol-Hoppey Dean

Hicks Honors College

Year Name Title
2017-Present Jeffrey S. Chamberlain Dean

Thomas G. Carpenter Library

Year Name Title
1972-2006 Andrew Farkas Founding Library Director
2006-2016t Shirley Hallblade Dean
2013-2014 Dee Baldwin Interim Dean
2014-Present Elizabeth Curry Dean