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Milestones in Our History: The UNF Story

The birth and remarkable development of the University of North Florida is in some ways a unique story. It is the realization of an ambitious dream, and the testimony of dedication and perseverance of a small group of individuals with a vision. Currently in its fourth decade, the University's history consists of a set of clearly definable developmental high points, with chapters detailing an evolution from a fledgling upper division institution in an isolated woodland to the position it presently occupies in the network of higher educational institutions in Florida. Its progression to four year status in the 1980s, striking growth from commuter school into a residential campus, major enrollment and building spurts through the 1990s, and its emergence in the twenty-first century as a vibrant educational force sets UNF on a course of realizing its full potential in the decades ahead.


This series of historical vignettes highlight significant events and individuals who were pivotal in the establishment and development of the University. The first chapter begins with the establishment of the University:

The Archives is the repository for historical resources relating to the University. Our materials include programs, newspaper clippings, memoranda and announcements, photographs, realia, and other visual / printed items. We welcome donations of additional items, particularly photographs, to enhance our collection. We also encourage individuals to contact us to share UNF memories and reminiscences. Please contact with any questions.