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Environmental Health and Safety

Camp Insurance Program

You may be thinking of offering opportunities to high school students and members of the public to engage in various University sponsored activities this summer. These opportunities may present some risk of injury to participants and the absence of appropriate medical insurance coverage for illnesses and injuries arising form these types of activities can impose a significant financial burden on the injured and incur liability for the University.

The Department of EH&S recommends the following:

  1. An assumption of risk form should be signed by each participant.
  2. Conduct initial and periodic facility/equipment inspections during the course of the program
  3. Provide First Aid and CPR training for program staff for activities involving minors.
  4. Assure appropriate staff to minor child ratios based on the degree of risk.
  5. Purchase camp insurance policies for participants (See details below) 

The Camp Insurance Policy available through EH&S provides the following benefits:


Accidental Death Benefit: $15,000
Accident Dismemberment: $15,000
Accident Medical Expenses: $25,000 (Dental Included)
Deductible: $0.00

Additional Coverage Available:

Heart or Circulatory System Benefit
Pre-Existing Condition Benefit
Sickness Benefit
Accident and Sickness

Who is covered?

Participants only or;
Participants and staff (if not UNF employee)

What are Covered Activities?

Supervised day camps or conference activities sponsored and/or endorsed by the University
Supervised overnight camps
Direct travel between the insured?s home and the location of the activity 

Note: The premium for coverage under this plan must be paid by the sponsoring Department.

Placing Coverage

Place coverage by contacting EH&S

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please feel free to contact us.