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Brooks College of Health

PERCH Referrals

Student Self-Referrals

Students can self-refer for PERCH services. Complete the PERCH referral form and email it to . This is the best way to get PERCH services. One can also send us an email with your availability and we'll have someone contact you to complete the form with you over the phone. Once the referral is submitted, students will be set up for a screening appointment soon (within 24 - 48 hours usually) and then are matched with available services as soon as possible.

Other Referrals

Faculty and or staff can refer a student to PERCH as well, although we recommend the referring party let the student know in advanced and seek the student's consent. Complete the referral form and email to and the referral team will "SWOOP" into action to make contact.

If an issue is so great that the faculty/staff does not feel comfortable discussing it with the student, the proper referral source is UNF's SOS system through the Dean of Student's Office. If this is the case, please use the link below to access the UNF Dean of Student's SOS Team and once reported to the SOS Team, a PERCH referral will be made through that resource if needed. PERCH leadership is a proud member of the UNF SOS team caring for our entire student body.

Dean of Students SOS Team Referral