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Brooks College of Health

Program Staffing

The Student-counselors are counselors-in-training working in their internship where they are required to perform 1,000 hours of practice as a Clinical Mental Health Counseling Intern. There are projected to be 6 CMHC Interns and 2 Social Work Interns assigned to the program in implementation year 2. The Program Coordinator/Principal Investigator is the primary program supervisor and will be the CMHC practicum and internship supervisor in AY 2020/2021. Dr. Taylor has 20+ years of clinical practice, supervisory and program development experience in additional to a Florida LMHC professional license with supervisory endorsement. Individual site supervision will be provided through collaboration with University Counseling Center clinical supervisors.

The program implementation is guided by an Implementation Team of 22 persons representing all facets of the UNF community. The program has a separate evaluation team and Graduate Research Assistant/Research Coordinator who is also a PERCH Student-counselor. The program is projected to have a referral coordinator who will be helpful in responding to referrals and maintaining referral tracking and communication with referral sources. The additional support person will be very helpful in creating and maintaining the necessary positive peer and program culture that helps the student-counselors grow as they take care of the UNF student body.