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Bachelor of Science in Health, Kinesiology Track

The Department of Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences offers an Kinesiology concentration. This concentration culminates in a Bachelor of Science in Health (B.S.H.) degree. Of major concern to society is the health and well-being of its citizens. The field of Kinesiology includes health care professionals that utilize knowledge of the human body's adaptive responses to exercise to address an individual's health, fitness, or performance goals.


Kinesiology students who wish to continue their academic studies will benefit from a well-rounded curriculum designed to prepare students for admission into graduate programs in Kinesiology or other Health Care professions. The Kinesiology curriculum provides a strong foundation for students interested in the advanced degree of Physical Therapy. Other graduate programs that are of interest to Kinesiology students are: Occupational Therapy, Chiropractic, Medicine, Physician's Assistant, Sports Psychology, and Pharmacy.


Kinesiology students who seek employment after receiving the undergraduate degree are successful in 4 distinct areas of employment:

  1. Clinical Exercise Physiology: health care based positions that incorporate exercise testing, prescription, and supervision for a wide spectrum of patients such as cardiac rehabilitation, elderly care, and weight management.
  2. Fitness/Recreation field: positions in personal training, fitness instruction, corporate wellness, wellness coach, and recreation. 
  3. Human Performance: strength coach, performance coach, and athletic exercise testing.
  4. Other Related fields: medical supply reps (pacemakers, artificial joints, medical instruments) and pharmaceutical representatives.

Clinical Education

Bachelor of Science in Health, Kinesiology Track includes an internship component, so it is important to determine State Authorization of Distance Education and if you will be able to do an internship in other states, if desired. Please see the UNF State Authorization Status website for more information and updates. State Authorization of Distance Education is a complex and dynamic environment.



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Contact the Program Director

 M. Ryan Richardson Headshot Circle

M. Ryan Richardson, PhD, MSH, ACSM-EP 

Director, Undergraduate Kinesiology Program, Assistant Professor

Department of Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences

Phone: 904-620-5068


To request a copy of the student handbook please email