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Center for Nutrition and Food Security Directory

Meghan Niemczyk, MPH

Associate Director - UNF Center for Nutrition and Food Security, Director - Northeast Florida Hunger Network, Chef Advisor - Meals on Wings Program

Meghan Niemczyk is the Associate Director of the UNF Center for Nutrition and Food Security, Director of the Northeast Florida Hunger Network, and the Chef Advisor to the Meals on Wings Program.   In her role with the Hunger Network, she encourages collaboration within the community and facilitates the planning committee for One City – One Table events for the City of Jacksonville. For the Meals on Wings Program, she brings valuable culinary and kitchen management skills making sure the food we prepare for our clients is healthy, delicious, and appealing. She is currently working on her DrPH degree at USF.

Dr. Jen Ross, DCN, RD, LDN, FAND

Co-Director - Meals on Wings

Dr. Jen Ross is an Assistant Professor in the UNF Department of Nutrition & Dietetics, Undergraduate Program Director for the Nutrition Program, and Co-Director of the Meals on Wings program.  Dr. Ross has focused her research on food insecurity and senior nutrition and brings a high level of organizational skills, the ability to refine details to make processes run smoothly, and a background in social work that allows her to collect data from our clients with empathy and compassion.