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TSI Forms

Payments for Reimbursements or to Vendors

Form Instructions Flow Chart
TSI Check Requisition TSI Check Instructions TSI Check Flowcchart
TSI Independent Contractor Agreement Independent Contractor Instructions Independent Contract Flowchart
University Employee Salary Supplement Check Requisition Emplyee Salary Supplement Instructions Employee salary check Flowchart
TSI Travel Authorization Request Travel Authorization Request Instructions Travel Authorization Request Flowchart
TSI Voucher for Reimbursement of Traveling Expenses Voucher Reim Travel Expenes Instructions Voucher Reim Travel Expenses Flowchart
Funds Verification Form Funds Verification Instructions Funds Verification Flowchart
ACH Deposit Form  * *



Form Instructions Flow Chart
IPTM/PSI Payee Invoice Payee Invoice Instructions x
IPTM/PSI Independent Contractor Agreement Independent Contract Instructions Independent Contractor Flowchart
IPTM/PSI Travel Authorization Request  Travel Authorization Request Expenses Instructions Travel Authorization Request Flowchart
IPTM/PSI Voucher for Reimbursement of Traveling Expenses (Additional pages) Voucher for Traveling Expenses Instructions Reim Traveling Expenses Flowchart
IPTM/PSI Voucher for Reimbursement
(Additional pages)
Voucher for Reimb Instructions Voucher for REimb Flowchart
IPTM/PSI Daily Mileage Voucher
(Additional pages)
Daily Mileage Voucher Instructions Daily Mileage Voucher Flowchart
IPTM/PSI Role Player/Drinker Check Req Role Player Drinkers Instructions Role Player/Drinkers Flowchart
IPTM/PSI Journal Transfer *
IPTM/PSI Royalty Compensation Invoice Royay Comnp Instructions *

Grant Payee Invoice



New Vendor/Change Vendor
Form Instructions Flow Chart
New Vendor/Change Vendor * *

Purchase Order
Form Instructions Flow Chart
IPTM Purchase Order IPTM PO Instructions IPTM PO Flowchart
TSI Purchase Order TSI PO Instructions TSI POFlowchart



Transfer Form
Form Instructions Flow Chart
Interfund Transfer Request * *



Void Check Request
Form Instructions Flow Chart
Void Check Request Void Check Request Instructions Void Check Request Flowchart



Non-Cash Fringe Benefits Documents
Form Instructions Flow Chart
Club Membership Monthly Report Club Membership Monthly Repor tInstructions Club membership monthly report Flowchart