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Policies Under Current Review


1.0020P - Statement of Ethical Conduct
Impact Statement: The UNF Code of Conduct has not been updated since 2005 and was in need of updating. This draft Statement retains the core values of the current Code, adding behavior and action statements regarding personal accountability which are intended to be relevant and meaningful to the individual. The draft also links to other policies which address additional ethics and compliance issues, including non-discrimination, conflicts of interest, gifts and honoraria, etc. 

The draft was developed with input from each constituent group and CODI. The final draft will be made available to the campus community for review and comment through the policy review process prior to final approval by the President. 


Once approved, training and education sessions will be made available through CPDT to engage employees in learning activities related to the Statement. Sessions with individual departments and offices will also be available. Additionally, the Ethics Website will be updated to reflect the new Statement, along with Frequently Asked Questions involving ethical issues, as well as case studies and scenarios of ethical situations and how employees might handle them.