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Distribution of Complimentary Tickets
Number: 14.0020P

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Effective Date: 9/8/2003
Revised Date:
Responsible Division/Department:
Academic Affairs / Business Services


    The purpose of this policy is to establish procedure for the distribution of complimentary tickets from the Fine Arts Center (FAC) and the UNF Ticket Box Office (TBO) to State and University employees.


    The FAC, in conjuction with the TBO, will make a limited number of complimentary tickets to each of its Season Touring Events available to University and State employees as outlined under Procedures below. 
    These tickets are provided to: 

    Enhance the development and cultivation of arts relationships throughout the university community; 
    Honor distinguished special guests of the University; 
    Offer special recognition for work by UNF volunteers as a benefit for their support with shows and individuals of the University assisting the FAC beyond the call of duty; 
    Establish good will and promote the Center's activites in the community. 

    Those authorized to sign for and distribute these tickets are the FAC Executive Director, Assistant Director and Events Coordinator.


    A. Fine Arts Center 

    Accountable for distribution/tracking of individual tickets, the FAC will: 

        1. Request a specified number of complimentary tickets from TBO and receive all tickets for distribution via appropriate request forms; 
        2. Keep an audit log of all tickets distributed for each performance. The log will include the recipient’s name, number of tickets, seating area, and date distributed; 
        3. Ensure that any undistributed complimentary tickets are returned to the TBO to be voided so accurate ticket counts may be maintained. The TBO agent will sign the log to verify receipt of returned tickets; 
        4. Ensure that no more than 50 complimentary tickets are made available for each performance. 

    B. Ticket Box Office 

    Accountable for number of complimentary tickets requested per performance by FAC, the TBO will: 

        1. Receive requests from the FAC for a specified number of complimentary tickets via the appropriate request forms; 
        2. Deliver requested tickets to the authorized FAC agent and log the number of tickets delivered, seating locations, and name of requestor; 
        3. Receive, sign for, and void all undistributed complimentary tickets to maintain accurate ticket counts for each event; 
        4. Submit a quarterly report to the Vice President of Administration and Finance detailing the number of complimentary tickets released to the FAC.

Formerly 9-3.007.