UNF From the Ground Up:
Frederick H. Schultz Hall

Dedication and Naming Ceremony
May 22, 1992

Remarks by UNF President Dr. Adam Herbert


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the University of North Florida. My name is Adam Herbert, and I have the privilege of serving as President of the University.

This is a very special occasion for the entire UNF community. My colleagues and I are delighted that each of you could join with us as we honor Frederick H. Schultz. I know that Fred and Nancy share the sense of pride and appreciation we feel over the fact that so many of their family and close friends are here to participate in this important ceremony.

Before we begin the formal program, I would like to introduce a few special guests. We are particularly delighted to welcome to the UNF campus today:
The members of the Schultz family (names on card)
Governmental officials (names on card)
Foundation Board members (names on card)
Introduce platform guests (names on card)

The Occasion

On 6 May 1989, the University of North Florida awarded to Frederick H. Schultz the Doctor of Letters, honoris causa. In awarding that degree to Dr. Schultz, I made this statement:

Frederick H. Schultz, entrepreneur, statesman, public servant, civic leader, benefactor, we honor you for extraordinary and exemplary service to this University, City, State and Nation.

Your vision and commitment as a business leader are qualities which build the economic strength of our community and country.

Your efforts to address community issues which affect the well-being of your fellow citizens have been tireless and unswerving.

Your distinctive record of public service at the state and federal levels is a model to those who seek to devote themselves to the welfare of all people.

Your dedication to the improvement of education at all levels attests to your adherence to the principle that learning insures liberty and productive citizenship in the lives of students.

Your generosity as a benefactor of education demonstrates your willingness to invest tangibly in the future of this nation and its people.

The University of North Florida places great value on your untiring efforts and significant contributions to the welfare of this city, state and nation. It is this institution's privilege to recognize those contributions.

For only the second time in the history of this institution, today the faculty and staff of the University of North Florida wish to pay much higher tribute to a very distinguished citizen of Florida, not only by acknowledging the Doctor of Letters, honoris causa which we were so proud to present to him in 1989, but also by naming an appropriate university building in his honor.

Introduce Mayor Ed Autsin

To join us in this celebration of leadership, achievement and personal sacrifice, I am delighted to welcome back to the UNF campus a former member of UNF's "community faculty," a very good friend of the University, and a person who feels very deeply about the importance of addressing the educational needs of the young people of this community. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming the Mayor of the City of Jacksonville, the Honorable Professor Ed Austin.

Introduce Larry Zenke

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my job is the opportunity to work closely with the Superintendent of the Duval County Schools. I appreciate his joining us today for this very special occasion which reinforces the importance of civic leadership in efforts to address the critical education needs of our community and State. He is an outstanding and dedicated educator who is determined to develop an outstanding school district for the citizens of Duval County. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Larry Zenke.

Introduce Charlie Reed

The State University System of Florida is now nationally recognized as being among the top higher educational systems in the nation. Like many of us around this State, I am convinced that the major catalyst for turning our university system into one of the nation's strongest is Charlie Reed. I also must tell you that his support of UNF has been particularly strong. Like Regent Tom Petway, and our entire University community, I deeply appreciate his support of our efforts to develop UNF into one of this nation's most distinguished undergraduate educational institutions. Ladies and gentlemen, the Chancellor of the State University System of Florida, Dr. Charles Reed.

Introduce Governor Lawton Chiles

As we all are aware, the State of Florida has suffered a great deal from the national recession which continues to challenge both our public and private institutions. We are particularly delighted to have with us today the leader of our State; a leader who is attempting to carve out of these turbulent times a long-term path to fiscal soundness and public policy responsiveness to critical statewide needs. The Governor shares with our honoree an in-depth understanding of the centrality of education to the future of this State. I am proud to welcome back to the UNF campus the Honorable Lawton Chiles, Governor of the State of Florida.

Introduce Dean Donna Evans

The University of North Florida has defined the enhancement of K-12 education as one of its highest institutional imperatives. Our goal is very simple: over the next decade, UNF will become a State and national leader in the field of education. To lead our College of Education and Human Services in the pursuit of this goal, we have attracted to Jacksonville a highly regarded national figure in the education community. I am very pleased to present to you Dean Donna Evans who will make a presentation to our honoree on behalf of the faculty of the College.

President Herbert's Dedication Comments

As we conclude this dedication ceremony, I would like to make a statement about and to you, Fred, on behalf of the entire UNF family.

In a very inspiring speech to the Massachusetts State Legislature in 1961, John F. Kennedy made a comment which provides an excellent backdrop against which the life and work of Frederick H. Schultz can be viewed. He said:

And when at some future date the high court of history sits in judgment on each of us, recording whether in our brief span of service we fulfilled our responsibilities to the state, our success or failure, in whatever office we hold, will be measured by the answers to four questions: First, were we truly men of courage...Second, were we truly men of judgment...Third, were we truly men of integrity...Finally, were we truly men of dedication?

Courage. Judgement. Integrity. Dedication. These four words characterize few people so effectively as they do our honoree today. I must add to that list one additional test - vision. We believe that the high court of history has already demonstrated that through his extensive and impressive service in both the public and private sectors, Frederick H. Schultz has consistently earned an affirmative response to each of these challenging questions.

He has never backed down from causes which he believed were just;

He has consistently demonstrated great concern for this community and for the well being of his fellow citizens;

He has conducted his life in a fashion which is a model for all of us who follow in his footsteps;

He was among a very small group of community and political leaders who saw the need for a public university in Jacksonville and envisioned the vital, thriving institution that UNF has become; and

He has devoted countless hours of his time, energy, ideas and resources to enhance the quality of education for all of the young people and citizens of this State and community.

It is particularly fitting that this building, which houses the College of Education and Human Services, should be named in his honor. His name on its walls reflect the appreciation we feel for the leadership he exercised in establishing the University.

It reflects our recognition that through leadership such as his, UNF has been able to mature and is now in a position to respond to the evolving public higher education needs of our community.

It reflects our deep appreciation for his continuing and extensive involvement in this College's efforts to forge new partnerships and undertake new initiatives which enhance the quality of education in this community and State.

It reflects our appreciation for his decision to establish and fund both the Andrew A. Robinson Chair in Economic Development and Educational Policy and the Florida Institute of Education's annual Schultz Distinguished Lecture which addresses the impact of economic issues on education.

The dedication of this building in honor of Frederick H. Schultz will serve as a continuing reminder to each of us, and all of those who visit this University during the centuries which follow, that:

dreams can become reality;
that hard work does pay off;
that the commitment of one's time and energy to public service does have results which can last well beyond one's lifetime and impact our institutions in perpetuity.

Now, in accordance with authorization given by the Florida Board of Regents, by the Florida legislature and by the Governor of the State of Florida, and by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Florida Board of Regents, I am now pleased to officially name Building 9, The College of Education Building as:


Frederick H. Schultz Hall

We dedicate the building with this statement on the commerative plaque
which Dr. Schultz and I will now unveil:

In recognition of
His distinguished public service and
Commitment to equity and excellence in
Florida Education
This building is named in honor of
Frederick H. Schultz
May 22, 1992


President Herberts Closing Remarks:

We would like to conclude our ceremonies today by asking Fred and Nancy Schultz to join me at the podium.

On behalf of the entire UNF community, I would like to present to you this framed copy of the program for today's dedication ceremony.

It is our hope that this gift will continually remind you of our respect and affection. Fred, we also hope that it will convey the pride we feel in knowing that for the life of this University, your name will be permanently affixed to this College of Education building which symbolizes your commitment and ours to enhance the quality of K-12 education in the State of Florida.

Ladies and gentlemen, this concludes our formal dedication ceremony. Again, I would like to thank all of you for your presence at this very special occasion. We invite you to join us for a reception in the Robinson Center where we will have a special surprise for you.

The University's Presidential Envoys will escort you to the reception.