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The College of Computing, Engineering and Construction (CCEC) is engaged in a variety of science and engineering research initiatives. This page highlights some of these. For further information, please contact the offices of our three academic units or contact CCEC's Research Technology Services unit. 


Watershed Health Studies

Researchers of the Environmental Monitoring, Mapping, Analysis and Planning Systems Laboratory design, develop, and deploy sensors for environmentally-sensitive areas to measure the impact of rain run-off on river, lake, and estuary health. The project involves deploying wireless rain gauges and water quality buoys for measuring various parameters, including turbidity and pH, as a function of rainfall.

Manufacturing Innovations Partnership

Serves as a catalyst for the high-tech growth sector of the region while enhancing the development of a scientifically and technologically literate engineering workforce.

Oil Spill Academic Task Force

The University's science and engineering community brings considerable expertise in focused areas of environmental sciences, biology, and engineering to assist the State of Florida and the Gulf region in responding to and studying the Deepwater Horizon oil leak of 2010.

Fuel-Cell Research

School of Engineering researchers received $9.4 million in federal contracts to develop more efficient and environmentally-friendly "batteries" for laptop computers.