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The Dean's Office 

Global competition, the Internet, and widespread use of technology have created the most competitive job market the world has ever known. The College of Computing, Engineering and Construction offers exciting, demanding and engaging degree programs that lead to highly rewarding careers. We provide the type of hands-on technical education needed to navigate the challenges of the new knowledge-based economy and build a successful and prosperous future while developing a sense of community responsibility and global awareness. The students and faculty in the College work on many exciting projects that make a real difference in our world, from designing a rainwater harvesting system for a children’s home in Ghana to building a computer system that helps provide health care to those less fortunate in the Jacksonville community. This is why there is no place like UNF to build your future.


A multitude of data demonstrates that greater education pays off. Individuals with more education enjoy greater benefits, experience less unemployment, and, when dislocated from their jobs, find their way back into the workforce with much more ease than those with less education. From bachelor’s degrees in construction management, the core engineering disciplines of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering and four different tracks in computing and information sciences, to master’s degrees to accelerate your career, UNF offers the education you need in an environment where you are treated as the unique individual you are, not just another student in a class where you can barely see the professor from the back of the lecture hall.


The faculty of our College is committed to preparing our students to make significant contributions to their chosen professions, the northeast Florida region and beyond. One of the College’s hallmarks is the interaction of the faculty and students on research projects; from working with the region’s health care industry to mine data patterns to produce better health outcomes, to developing new fuel cell technologies to replace batteries in military laptops. In our College, you will find a committed cadre of students working and studying together, sharing common goals and aspirations. There are well over a dozen active student groups that provide professional and social support, making the time here at UNF meaningful and fun.


In addition, the College is closely tied to and graciously supported by many individuals and companies in the greater Jacksonville community. These supporters are dedicated to sharing their expertise, experience and financial resources to ensure that we all are successful in our endeavors.


Come join us, and together we can build a better tomorrow for you, our city, state, nation, and the world.