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UNF Committees



The purpose of the Visual Identity Standards Committee (VISC) is draft, amend and administer the Visual Identity Standards for the University of North Florida


The VISC functions include but are not limited to:

  1. Administering Visual Identity Standards in cooperation with the Office of Marketing & Publications.
  2. Reviewing requests from University units for exemptions from Visual Identity Standards.
  3. Considering requests by University departments, divisions and centers for logos that incorporate the wordmark or official University logos.
  4. Periodically reviewing suggested changes to the Visual Identity Standards and making recommendations to the president and executive council.
  5. Conducting the annual publications audit for the University. Such audit includes collection of publication data from University units and review of material to determine compliance with Visual Identity Standards as well as accuracy and timeliness of material.


The Visual Identity Standards Committee consists of at least one representative of each division and the President’s Office. Division vice presidents and the president appoints members. The permanent chairperson of the committee is the director of Marketing & Publications. The vice chairperson of the committee shall be selected by majority vote of the membership and will act in the absence of the chairperson.


  1. Presides over all meetings of the Committee.
  2. Notifies all members of all meetings.
  3. Prepares and distributes the agenda for each meeting.
  4. Arranges for all preparation for the meetings.
  5. Forwards recommendations to the President and Executive Council.
  6. Arranges for secretarial support (including the recording and distribution of minutes) as needed by the Committee.


The chairperson may establish permanent and ad hoc subcommittees and working groups as the need arises with the majority approval of the membership.


The chairperson may call meetings of the committee as circumstances dictate. Minutes of all meetings shall be recorded and distributed in a timely manner. A simple majority of committee members shall constitute a quorum for a meeting. The usual order of business is as follows:

  • Approval of minutes
  • Announcements
  • Conduct of old business and outstanding items
  • Conduct of new business

All organizations requesting permanent approval of an individualized logo not already defined as a sub or a sub-sub-brand in the guidelines document, must first submit their request to their respective vice president or dean who will determine whether it is to be submitted to the Visual Identity Standards Committee for review. If the vice president decides to forward the request, a memo explaining the reasons for the request and a copy of the proposed/existing logo should be submitted to the Office of Marketing & Publications.

If the committee denies a request, the requesting organization may appeal through their respective vice president to the President’s Council.

The VISC reserves the right to remove, rescind, withdraw any document or publication, including electronic publications, which does not comply with these Visual Identity Guidelines.

The VISC does not review the use of University symbols on buildings or on signs, or the use on apparel or products for commercial sale or internal consumption. Use of University symbols on buildings and signs is governed by the office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance. Use of University symbols on apparel or products is governed by the Director of Trademark Licensing. The Vice President of Student Affairs governs use of logos by student organizations.


The committee may amend these bylaws by vote of a majority of the membership provided that the proposed amendment(s) have been circulated to the membership at least one week prior to the meeting in which the vote is to be taken.

The Committee will review these bylaws at least every five years.