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University Support Personnel Association


The University of North Florida's Excellence Awards Program is administered by the Office of Human Resources and the Recognition & Rewards Committee. These awards recognize USPA employees for their outstanding achievements and contributions to the university community. For more information or to see pervious award winners please vist the Excellence Awards Program website.
  • Gabor/UNF Foundation Award

    The Gabor/UNF Foundation Award honors Administrative and Professional Association and University Support Personnel System employees who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to the University. These individuals regularly and consistently exceed expectations and go above and beyond the requirements of their job.

  • Presidential Excellence Award
    The Presidential Excellence Award is given to USPS, Out-of-Unit Faculty, or OPS staff for notable contributions to the University that are significantly above and beyond the range of the job assignment and performance expectations
  • Presidential Quality Customer Service Award
    The Quality Customer Service Award is granted to any UNF department that has contributed to the enhancement of quality customer service at the University, shown exceptional initiative in "going the extra mile," provided service to internal and external customers with timely and appropriate follow-up, responded to the needs of students, patrons or customers, and demonstrated improvement of customer service and satisfaction.
  • Presidential Spot Award
    The Presidential 'Spot' Award is designed to reward someone for an act that seemingly took a simple effort but ultimately will have lasting positive impacts on students, faculty, staff or visitors. UNF's Presidential Spot Award is your opportunity to nominate a colleague for his/her extraordinary action.