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My Role and Responsibilities as an Adviser:

  • Help your students balance their co-curricular activities while still being academically successful.
  • Be a role model to the students in the organization.
  • Being available to the officers and members to answer questions.
  • Maintain the organization in between leadership.
  • Connect the club with different resources on campus to make it successful.
  • Recognize the leaders for their hard work.
  • Inform the group when a decision violates an objective, by law, code, standing, and rule or university policy.
  • Step in when the organization faces problems such as leadership, membership and disorganization.
  • Maintain your role as an advisor by being someone who is a friend but it is understood that you are a role model and not simply "one of the gang."
  • Keep open communication within the club, so if the club invites you to an event or meeting take the opportunity to attend it can make all of the difference in the way they view you as a leader.