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Osprey Heroes

Sonji Harris

Dining Services • Chop’d and Wrap’d

If you asked a UNF student what is it about Sonji Harris that makes her unique, they would say it’s her energy, smile, laugh and work ethic. If you met Harris, even just for a split second, it’s almost guaranteed that your day will be a little bit brighter after meeting her.

She can be found in a restaurant tucked off in one of the University’s busiest walkways where she has called home for many years. The on-campus restaurant is Chop’d and Wrap’d.
“I was bringing my sister to a catering job and someone asked me if I was looking for a job,” Harris said. “Now here I am 18 years later.”

Harris, a Jacksonville native, has given the University 18 years of service and counting. Why has she stayed so long? For Harris, it’s simple: She loves her job. And if there is one thing that has not changed over those 18 years, it’s Harris’ ability to bring smiles and joy to students’ faces.

When asked what the favorite part of her job is, she gives a simple answer: “Meeting new people and interacting with students.”

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Osprey Heroes logo with Sonji Harris headshot
“I am absolutely blown away by the fact that I was chosen as an Osprey Hero. Having such recognition makes me feel good to the core of my heart.”