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Osprey Heroes

Mikey Trotter

Procurement Services • Shipping Receiving Supervisor

After 26 years of working at UNF, Mikey Trotter has become quite the star. People across campus enjoy his positive attitude and bright greeting whenever they come in contact with him. He isn't just a burst of joy though; he's also a hard worker.


While many employees have been working from home during the COVID-19 outbreak, Trotter has been on campus every day coordinating deliveries and pickups for the entire University. Though it has been a challenge for him since the outbreak began, he sees every day of his work as an adventure.


"There are tons of deliveries and PPE supplies coming in," Trotter said. "I spend half of the day taking inventory of what has arrived and the other half of the day delivering what I can and informing departments what has arrived for them."


Totter also tries to lend a helping hand whenever needed. He even stops by the Procurement Office to make sure employees' computers are turned on so they can successfully remote in from home.


As one of the few employees who has been working on campus, Trotter is missing his Osprey family.


"People inspire me and drive me," he said. "Talking to the students, faculty and staff is like an emotional high to me. I really miss that right now."


As Trotter continues to work through these challenging times, there's one thing about his job that brings him great pride: "I'm proud to be an Osprey!"


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An Osprey Hero is a well minded person, a people person, a resourceful person, a leader, a good communicator, a person with a positive attitude, a person who builds bridges and good working relationships with the students, faculty and staff.