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Jelena Brezjanović

College of Arts and Sciences • Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work

Professors often provide students with a variety of assistance, but it wasn’t until she helped a student who was facing challenges that Dr. Jelena Brezjanović, adjunct in Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work, had the opportunity to become a mental health advocate.

Student well-being is an important topic for the many universities and something Dr. Brezjanović takes seriously.

“College education can be a great challenge and a rewarding experience for students, but it could also bring a lot of stress at times,” Brezjanović said. “Student wellbeing is just as important as their academic success.”

In the past, she helped a student who was facing challenges and provided the support the student needed to manage anxiety and start moving forward one small step at the time.

“To all those students who deal with depression or anxiety, the message should be that there is always someone they could reach out to. They don't have to suffer in silence,” Brezjanović said.

Dr. Brezjanović always provides students with on-campus resources which they can use if they ever need help. During classes, she tries to connect with each student uniquely by learning their names, interacting with them and tracking their progression throughout the semester.

“We have a great team of professionals at the Counseling, Women's and Disability Resource Center who are dedicated to helping students who need any special accommodations or assistance,” Brezjanović said.

She ensures students that one of the resources they have is her.

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At UNF we are each other’s support team. I take my students' well-being very seriously and try to offer any kind of knowledge to help them succeed.