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Osprey Heroes

James Milner

ECHO Transportation • UNF Bus Driver

Riding the buses at UNF is part of the daily routine of many students. If you ever rode the bus with driver James Milner, then you would have noticed his positive attitude and bright greeting to every person who steps on his bus. The kindness of Milner doesn’t stop there. He goes out of his way to ask people about their day, and his kindness has touched the hearts of people around campus. “I greet them with ‘Good morning, how are you doing or how is your day going so far,’” Milner said.

Milner, who is an army veteran, may be shy but is still a people person. He loves having the opportunity to interact with students on a daily basis. “The best part of my job is when I get everything ready and prepped by seven o’clock and the first student steps on the bus,” Milner said.

As Milner approaches his fourth year at UNF, he continues to touch the hearts of anyone who steps foot on his bus. “Students have thanked me for speaking to them,” Milner said. “I just try to make everyone’s day a lot brighter.”


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James Milner headshot with Osprey Heroes logo

When someone gets on my bus or off my bus, I want to make sure they have a good day.