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Press Release for Tuesday, May 29, 2012

UNF World-Wide Online Literary Journal Releases Spring Issue

Media Contact: Joanna Norris, Associate Director 


Department of Public Relations

(904) 620-2102

Fiction Fix, the online literary journal of the University of North Florida, launches its 11th issue at . In this issue, Fiction Fix and guest editor Russell Turney introduce graphic literature to the mix by comic artists who have a knack for blending text and images.


“A distinctly graphic discourse runs through our culture, so thinking critically about graphic texts, learning how to read them and even working to produce them ourselves are perhaps survival skills for the 21st century,” said Turney. “The current Fiction Fix issue participates in this growing and important graphic discourse: one that recognizes that word and image are correlated; and one that recognizes that a genre that marries word and image on the page is a genre worthy of attention and appreciation.”

Two of the issue’s more unusual presentations of graphic literature include David and Petra Press’ “Postcards from the Hecatomb,” a labyrinth of narrative and complex imagery presented as a series of postcards and Billy Simms’ “The Clown Genocide,” a series of woodcuts represented well by its title. In another work, “My Life In Gadgets,” Nathan Holic offers a healthy and scathing dose of media critique, while addressing the ways in which new technologies shape our identities.

This issue’s works of fiction lean toward the search for meaning in a world that often seems meaningless. In “Baby Wants” by Scott David, a mother-to-be grapples with the future she’s chosen while in a comical debate over her choice of mates. In “The Retention Device,” a speculative work by Emily Zasada, a corporate employee longs to rekindle passions that have been left to the pages of history, only to find herself in the middle of the mechanisms that keep those passions at bay.

Providing the artwork for this latest issue is the talented Masha Sardari. After emigrating to the U.S. from Moldova a few years ago, her haunting photography has earned her a review on CNN World. She goes on photo shoots almost every weekend hoping to create something mysterious and meaningful.


Fiction Fixwas founded by UNF English instructor, author, musician and artist Mark Ari and UNF students in 2002. Its current and fourth editor-in-chief is UNF graduate April E. Bacon. The journal promotes contemporary literature and art from across the U.S. and world. Fiction Fix publishes work that is accessibly experimental and soulful.

For more information, contact Bacon at .