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Official Athletics Logos and Identifying Marks 

The team logos for the Athletics Department are for use only by sanctioned teams and club sports. All use is governed by the UNF Athletic Business Office.

North Florida Ospreys bottom
Primary logo
Logo Usage

 UNF Ospreys  North Florida Ospreys top
 athletics osprey  Athletics monostep UNF
 NF OSPREYS  UNF Ospreys mono  Ospreys Athletics
 North Florida  Athletics UNF  Athletics Ospreys

Official Colors


Primary Palette

Osprey Blue and Osprey Gray are the official

colors for the University of North Florida

athletics. It is very important to match these

colors faithfully when reproducing the athletics

marks. It is preferred that all UNF athletics

marks be used in the full color version

whenever possible.


Support Colors

In addition to the primary palette, the UNF

athletics marks utilize white as an important

support color.


Palette swatches of Osprey Blue, Osprey Gray and white with hex values

Official Typefaces



Osprey Bold is the custom font created

exclusively for UNF Athletics and is featured

in many of the marks. Osprey Bold is only

available from the UNF Department of Athletics

and may be used only with prior approval.


The Bank Gothic font family is used in the

banners of many of the UNF Athletics logos.

It is a clean, bold and contemporary font

that is readily available.


It is strongly encouraged by UNF Athletics

that vendors use these fonts, or find something

very similar, for retail applications.


two sets of typeface Osprey Bold and Bank Gothic

UNF Athletics Visual Identity Standards