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UNF Journal: Fall 2019

Dr. Aspinwall with switchgrass

Biology professor studies alternate fuel source

“Tough, tolerant and promising.” That is how Dr. Mike Aspinwall, biology professor at UNF, describes switchgrass, a native plant species he is researching. According to Aspinwall, the plant is adaptable to many climates, grows well without fertilizer and is considered by many to be a leading candidate for plant-based biofuel production.

UNF athletes

Celebrating 15 years of Division I Athletics

UNF student-athletes began competing in intercollegiate athletics in 1983 at the NAIA level, later moving to Division II and finally, in the 2005-06 season, moved to Division I — the highest level of college athletics. UNF is now playing in its 15th season at the DI level; and last year marked the end of a decade of competing for postseason championships. Whichever milestone you choose to celebrate, it’s been an era of success, marked with many memorable moments.

Student-Athletes studying

More than Athletes: Ospreys soar in the classroom

UNF student-athletes make high academic marks and averaged a 3.4 GPA during the spring 2019 semester. In fact, the cumulative average GPA of student-athletes has been over 3.0 for 16 consecutive semesters! The Student-Athlete Center for Excellence at UNF helps students stay focused and provides the resources they need to succeed.

Students in Cybersecurity Lab

School of Computing: from good to great

It has been an important year for UNF’s School of Computing. Not only did the school receive a very generous gift, its students are competing at high levels against top universities and the School just received a significant national designation. Indeed, UNF’s School of Computing is not only keeping up, but working hard to set the pace.