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Letter from the President

President John Delaney at the library

With each edition of the Journal, I am afforded the opportunity to write a letter to you, the reader. And with each issue, I am more and more proud of the University of North Florida and its alumni, students, faculty, staff and donors. There is always some new development or University project that leaves me awestruck. This issue is no different.


This past fall, it was my true honor to help dedicate three buildings to five incredible civic and community leaders. These five individuals - Adam W. Herbert, David and Ann Hicks and Tom and Betty Petway - exemplify what it means to give back to a community without ever thinking what is in it for them. They give just because there is a need. And when it came time to name three of our most used buildings on campus, the choices were clear. In early October, the University Center became the Adam W. Herbert University Center. In October, UNF Hall, the gateway to UNF for every student on campus, became David and Ann Hicks Hall. And in November, the College of Education and Human Services Building was renamed Tom and Betty Petway Hall. You can read all about their accomplishments beginning on page 20.


Some of our current communication students spent part of their summer covering the Republican National Convention for the Washington Post and the Times-Union using their in-class social media training. Read all about their tweets and posts on page 14.


Learn more about the University's new brand promise on page 12 and see how we are actively putting it into play on campus and in the community.


And, finally, get your tissues ready when you read the story on page 8 about women's softball, men's basketball and the Friends of Jaclyn. You will be astounded at what these young men and women have done for two families in the Jacksonville area - proving that all education does not just happen in the classroom.


So, take a few minutes and read about all the exciting things happening on campus. I think you'll be as impressed as I am.




John A. Delaney