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A University Transformed

kids with the numbers - 130425638 - on them

"The Power of Transformation campaign will enrich our students and our campus for years to come. Not only has the campaign made more scholarship funding available to our students, the campaign has also enriched the array of educational opportunities and quality of the programs now available to our students. In this sense, more students will now receive an even better UNF education. Since so many of our UNF graduates remain in our community, the campaign illustrates the strong and reciprocal cycle of giving that underlies and supports UNF's relationship with its community."


- Barbara Hetrick,

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences


The Division of Continuing Education was pleased to be part of The Power of Transformation campaign. Never has an initiative aligned so well with the mission of our Division. Our purpose is to help students realize larger dreams, become stronger and more prosperous, and transform the private and business community of Jacksonville and the world. These are lofty aspirations, but as we tell our students, the power of transformation begins with one: one student, one company, one class at a time. For UNF Continuing Education, watching and participating in the transformation of the UNF campus, our students, business partners and community has been rewarding and humbling. We are truly blessed to be part of an organization with the ability to affect change on such a grand scale. "Helping others realize their dreams is not only gratifying, it is inspiring."


- Robert Wood,

Dean of the Division of Continuing Education


"The Power of Transformation campaign was a vital component in our successful transition from Division II to Division I NCAA classification. In making this transition, we recognized that our ability to raise funds for endowed scholarships and enhanced resources would be paramount to our future success in this new environment. With the help of our supporters and the Jacksonville community, we were able to raise more than $7 million for University of North Florida Athletics. These funds have allowed our coaches to recruit the best and brightest athletes in the state of Florida and across the nation. As UNF Athletics celebrates our 20th anniversary next year, it is clear that The Power of Transformation campaign represents a pivotal growth period in the history of our young athletics program. We appreciate the commitment shown by our donors to our student-athletes and thank you for believing in the power of intercollegiate athletics."


- Lee Moon,

Director of Athletics


"During The Power of Transformation campaign, the Brooks College of Health received support from all of the major hospitals in Jacksonville. Executives from each facility serve on the Dean's Council and offer their advice and counsel. Many of our students have the opportunity to do their internships and clinical rotations at these fine hospitals. We have received enormous support from individuals, foundations and companies who wished to support the campaign by donating to the Brooks College of Health. These gifts supported scholarships and fellowships. Some gifts provided funds for promoting healthy nutrition in at-risk areas of Jacksonville. Other gifts were used to purchase equipment. The Brooks College of Health has been transformed through the generosity of our donors and supporters. We sincerely thank all of them."


- Pam Chally,

Dean of the Brooks College of Health


"The Power of Transformation campaign was a critical opportunity to advance our ability to provide scholarships to undergraduates and to build a stronger graduate program. As the youngest college on campus, the opportunity to reconnect with our alumni and build new community partners has laid a strong foundation for future success."


- Mark Tumeo,

Dean of the College of Computing, Engineering and Construction


"The Power of Transformation campaign allowed us to increase appreciably the important work of our college. We have increased support for scholarships, fellowships and major initiatives within our college. The work of the campaign has increased our visibility in the community and provided us with opportunities to deepen relationship with friends."


- Larry Daniel,

Dean of the College of Education and Human Services


"The Power of Transformation campaign has been critical to the Division of Student Affairs and has added so much to our already exceptional student services. The campaign has meant scholarships and essential services for our students who have given so selflessly as military veterans. It has meant new programs for students struggling with learning disabilities and autism to help them navigate their way through a college course load with documented success. It has created a new generation of leaders through the Institute for Values, Community and Leadership and has allowed UNF to open the doors of a new state-of-the-art building to house the Disability Resource Center, the Institute for Values, Community and Leadership and the Military and Veterans Resource Center. It has proved to be groundbreaking by establishing the first endowment and first directorship for the LGBT Resource Center on campus. Through this campaign, meaningful and representative art was added to our campus, including a statue of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Additionally, a unique gallery was created and endowed to bring beautiful and distinctive art - sometimes difficult in subject matter - to the forefront on campus with the opening of the Lufrano Intercultural Gallery. We are delighted with the outcome of this campaign and will relish its benefits for years to come."


-Mauricio Gonzalez,

Vice President for Student and International Affairs


"The campaign has enabled MOCA to provide more thought-provoking exhibitions and educational programs, to grow our outreach initiatives and to ensure that we are prepared to better serve the UNF and Jacksonville community today and in the future. Our 2011 exhibition, 'Shared Vision: The Sondra Gilman and Celso-Gonzalez-Falla Collection of Photography,'" is an exemplary collaboration between our curatorial staff and Paul Karabinis from the Art and Design department. The exhibition has been well-received publicly and is now traveling the country, helping to promote and demonstrate the excellence of the collaborative relationship between the University and the museum on a national stage."


- Marcelle Polednik,

Director of MOCA Jacksonville


"The Coggin College of Business is committed to educating and developing business professionals to serve the needs of 21st century organizations. We aim to provide our students with a portfolio of Transformational Learning Opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom. The campaign enabled us to generate resources to provide these opportunities to students. Thanks to the generosity of individual and corporate donors, we have been able to strengthen our International Business Flagship, Transportation and Logistics Flagship and our stellar programs in accounting, finance, financial services, economics, management and marketing. We were able to support students on study-abroad trips to deepen their understanding of global business, provide cutting-edge software in our Logistics and Information Technology Solutions (LITS) lab to equip students with skills that can be transferred seamlessly to the workplace, provide our financial trading room with state-of-the-art software to educate budding portfolio managers, enable our Career Management Center to provide resume-writing and interview skills to students and enable many more learning and professional development opportunities. Finally, philanthropic investments resulted in several new scholarships, which helped deserving students, many of them representing their families' first generation in college, to realize their dream of a high-quality university education."


- Ajay Samant,

Dean of the Coggin College of Business