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Training Tenant Login

Laptop and booksUNF is pleased to provide Workday training for all employees*.

Workday training includes access to the Workday training environment.

We encourage you to complete learning opportunities and practice in Workday. The training environment is a safe place to explore full Workday functionality. Don’t worry. You can’t break Workday, and any changes you make will not carry forward to Workday when we go live on July 1, 2024. 

While in the training tenant, do not "resign from your position" as this will create errors for training moving forward

Access Workday Training Tenant Here


Let’s get going!

Login with your UNF credentials using the button above to explore Workday using your personal account, information and UNF security settings.**

You may need your phone for two-factor authentication.

Use the guide below to help steer you along.

Workday Basic Navigation Guide

*Employees hired after Jan. 22, 2024, will not have a personalized training tenant. Tenant access will be available during in-class sessions.
**Some of your personal information, such as salary, has been data scrambled in the training tenant for security purposes. Your information is expected to be accurate in the live environment on July 1. 

As you use the Workday training environment, please keep in mind:

2024 New Hires

New Hires after January 22, 2024, will have full access to all Workday learning courses but will not have a Workday training environment configured. We are able to provide Workday access to new hires during in-class sessions.


Data such as personal information and UNF job details in this training environment will not reflect any changes that may have been made after January 22, 2024.

Data Scramble

Data Scramble has been conducted in this training environment. Personal identifying and sensitive information have been modified adding an extra level of security


Security access in Workday aligns with your UNF role assignments. Tasks and information you do not have permission for will not be visible. 

Student Workers

Student Workers will be using Workday for tasks such as maintaining personal information, time tracking, direct deposit account management and pay. Please share this information with your student workers.

Training Catalog

The training catalog offers courses that empower you to navigate Workday with greater ease. There are a variety of resources designed to meet your specific needs.