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Workday Training for Employees

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All UNF employees use Workday to view their payslips, track time worked/off, manage their personal information, and more. Tasks that were previously performed using paper forms, and in systems such as Employee Self-Service, are now performed in Workday, such as:  

  • Reporting time and leave 
  • Managing payment elections and pay slips 
  • Viewing benefits information 
  • Updating personal and contact information 
  • Managing federal and state tax elections and forms 


Expected training courses for all employees*  

  • Workday Essentials/Getting Started: This is a review of Workday's employee self-service functionality, which includes a basic overview of the system, navigation, employee profile, etc. 
  • Workday Pay and Absence: Completely review the Pay Application's navigation, including how to change W-4 withholding elections, manage payroll options, request time off and view/print pay stubs. 


Additional training categories will include classes such as**:  

  • Workday for Managers: Review of additional navigational tools, dashboards, and approvals for managers. 
  • Workday Financial Basics: Foundation Data Model (FDM) information, accounting and budget basics.  
  • Workday specific courses regarding HR, Budget, Expense, Procurement, etc.  


*These are subject to change as additional changes may occur prior to the training begin date. 
**Classes on specialty areas and more detailed tasks and functions like HR, expense, procurement, etc., will be included in the course catalog that will be published closer to the training begin date.  

  • Will Workday training be offered?
    Yes, a training plan has been established to assess user training needs and design and deliver training to the UNF community.
  • When will Banner training end?
    The last Banner-related training session is April 12, 2024. This will allow the training team to focus on developing and delivering training for Workday. 
  • When will Workday training be offered?
    Training begins on May 13, 2024, and will continue until it goes live on July 1, 2024. Additional learning and support will be provided after the go-live date.  
  • How will I be notified training is available?
    The OspreyRising and the CPDT website will list all training offerings, schedules and registration access. Communications will go out through various channels to alert the campus community that registration for end-user training is open. Our Workday Ambassadors will also provide relevant to the campus community.  
  • What training options will be available?

    Workday is user-friendly. Much of its functionality is intuitive; however, training will be provided on navigation through more in-depth processes such as hiring, procurement, and reporting. 

    In-depth training will be available in several formats: 

    • Learn In-Person: Structured training is held in a computer lab where attendees can get hands-on experience in the system while using the training documentation. These sessions will be facilitated by trainers. Sessions will be based on employee security roles, tasks and functions.
    • Learn Virtual: Online courses and content will be developed to demonstrate how to perform specific tasks and functions within Workday. They can be viewed on-demand and accessed in Osprey Ascend. 
    • Recorded Demo: A recorded demonstration by staff showing screen captures and explaining processes in Workday. Demos are designed for specific user groups with advanced security roles who perform more complex tasks in Workday, e.g., HR administrators.
    • Open Lab: Open sessions are held in a computer lab where employees can bring questions or work that they need assistance with to help them understand and use the system. These sessions are available in person and through Zoom. 
  • I’m concerned about how I can learn Workday and keep up with my current job. Will I be given release time from my job to learn Workday?
    Managers will be encouraged to ensure all employees can participate in training. 
  • Will training be provided anytime Workday is updated with a new release?  
    Depending on the extent and scope of the updates, training could consist of formalized in-person sessions, training documentation updates, or updated on-demand online courses. The training team will monitor training needs and update training offerings and content as UNF adds new functionality and Workday releases.  
  • When will Workday training for new staff starting in July begin? 
    Workday training for new staff will be offered from July 2024 forward.