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Office of Internal Auditing

Consulting Services

The Office of Internal Auditing is striving to become a key partner  to University management and as part of that goal we offer and provide many types of consulting services. These are generally more consultative in nature than an audit and almost always come at the request of management. While generally less comprehensive than an audit, consulting projects look at specific aspects of a department or activity and provide expertise, opinions, or suggested courses of action. Consulting projects can range from a couple of hours to several days or weeks, depending on the subject matter. Typically, projects include consultative types of activities involving discussions and sharing of ideas with department personnel, review of plans or proposals, or a limited review of a function, system, or activity. The final result of these projects also differs from project to project and could include oral presentations, discussions, memos, or formal reports with conclusions, recommendations, or suggested actions. 

To request a consulting review, please contact Julia Hann, Director of Internal Auditing at (904) 620-3953 or