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exhibition with colorful artworks

Lufrano Intercultural Gallery


The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery's mission is to serve the University through offering high caliber art exhibits and educational programs for students, faculty, and staff. The Lufrano Gallery reinforces the University of North Florida's (UNF) mission through presenting art works that represents the institution's value. The gallery will feature established art works that addresses social issues.


The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery, established in 2009, is a non-profit art gallery located on the UNF campus in Jacksonville, Florida. Its name derives from the founding benefactors: Drs. Anne and Robert Lufrano. The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery is the second art gallery to open on UNF campus. Under direction of the Interim Coordinator of UNF Galleries, Anthony Aiuppy, the gallery focuses on presenting high-caliber art exhibits and educational programs that represent the values of the University. At the same time, the Lufrano Gallery strives to offer exhibits relevant to current events and local issues that meet the criteria of social justice or environmental topics. Members of the UNF and Jacksonville community are welcome and encouraged to visit the gallery with the hope that through engaging with the artwork they gain a new perspective on the issues being addressed.