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ELLM/Plus "Come Along, Sing the Alphabet"



Six Children with their hands on a beach ball The Early Literacy and Learning Model/Plus (ELLM/Plus) is a research-based,
comprehensive curriculum for 3-, 4-, and 5-year old preschool children that has
been proven to be effective improving children's early reading achievement in an
experimental study. The literacy-focused curriculum builds children's cognitive
development through literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, the arts,
motor experiences, and physical health. Children's acquisition of important
cognitive and social/emotional development is facilitated through interactions with
supportive teachers and other adults who encourage children's curiosity,
persistence, and creativity by planning and implementing engaging activities
and providing support during learning experiences. ELLM/Plus is designed to
expand children's vocabularies and refine their understanding and comprehension
of words they know and use.
To help meet the challenge of improving the emergent literacy skills of young children in urban schools, the University of
North Florida (UNF)
, College of Education and Human Services, and the UNF-based Florida Institute of Education (FIE)
established a significant partnership with several governmental and private organizations, Head Start Centers, public
and private child care centers and public school districts committed to improving reading among children, particularly
those children who come to school under prepared.


Every Child Enters School Ready to Learn,
 Ready to Read, and Ready to Succeed

Early Literacy and Learning Model/Plus Diagram 

The Objectives of ELLM/Plus are to:


  • Increase achievement of 3-, 4-, and 5-year-old children, with special attention to at-risk children.
  • Translate research findings into usable information
  • for educators and others involved in the care and instruction of young children.
  • Provide regular and ongoing literacy training to all participants.

ELLM/Plus Program Components